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Sometime in December, I realized that most of the tasks in my business needed REVAMPING.  A lot of the things I started out doing 5 yrs ago, I’m still doing today, and haven’t really tweaked it any!  Then, at Scentsy leadership retreat, in Cancun, they spoke on adding the FUN back into what we do!   So, I’ve set out on this mission in 2014 to revamp, change, spruce up…. whatever you want to call it… I’m doing it!

I started with my welcome emails.  I have used the SAME WELCOME DOCUMENT FOR 4 YRS.   Sad but true.   However,  I give myself an A+ for being consistent to send it out at least.  But my welcome email was the MAIN area I knew needed a fresh coat of FUN!!!   and oh! the response has been INCREDIBLE!!!   I started from scratch, junking the old, and creating the new!!!  I’m soooo excited!!!!


So little by little, I’m adding back FUN!  It’s really been inspirational for ME, too!  Who knew?

Ok, so today I woke up knowing I wanted to do a little something special for my hard working Directors (those under me) and maybe a couple pretty awesome SuperStar Consultants, too!  And with Valentine’s Day approaching, I knew I had time to send out a goody inspired by the day of LOVE!!!  I want them to know I LOVE them, and enjoy working with them!!!   I thought about a simple little love letter on their Facebook wall this Friday, but I KNEW I could ADD MORE FUN.  So, then I remembered all the pins I’ve pinned on my Pinterest regarding candy tags, and fun stuff…  And off I went to my Pinterest to seek out the perfect (not too mushy, but still sweet) idea!

(SPOILER ALERT if you’re one of my awesome Directors— STOP READING NOW!!!)

Here’s what I decided to go with but I changed the little TAG to this:::::
BIG pop rocks

I signed my name, and said ” I LOVE working Scentsy with YOU!” at the bottom!   Since it’s for Valentine’s Day, I cut the tag in the shape of a heart and glued it to the package of Pop Rocks!    I am pretty sure they aren’t going to be expecting anything from me for Valentine’s Day, and I think that’s the fun part to me!  A silly surprise to just remind them I  CARE.

I have TONS more ideas that I’ve collected and saved to my Pinterest Board called “just for fun”… click here to see!!!
I challenge you to add FUN back to whatever you’re doing… homeschooling, volunteering, your marriage, your 9-5 job, parenting, etc.  Have FUN with it!!! 

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