It’s time to drink some lemonade for health!

After I posted my journey while doing the “Lemonade Cleanse” or “Master Cleanse”, many of you contacted me for more information saying you wanted to try it too!  This makes me smile SO MUCH knowing how good this is for every body, healthy or not!

So let’s do it!!!  Together!!!  I’m starting to prepare by having soups and juices and fruits today & tomorrow….
( This makes a big difference when you actually begin because it doesn’t ‘shock your body so much.   You will also see better, faster results when you prepare like this.  And who doesn’t like the sound of that? )

So here’s my shopping list.  I plan on doing the cleanse for 5 days… but I know many of you will do it for 3 and some will do it for the recommended 7-10 days.  To each his own!   My schedule prevents me from doing it longer than 5 days this time.

My Grocery List:::
I went to the store and got 2 bags of lemons ( I TRY to buy organic when possible but it’s not necessary for this cleanse.  Just buy real lemons… no short cuts like lemon juice in bottle at the grocery. )


Lemons in bowl

Then I got 4 bottles of GRADE B maple syrup.  NOT GRADE A!!! Make no mistake.  Grade A will not work.  Grade B is harder to find because it’s the BEST & purest!  Almost all natural or health food stores sell Grade B.   Publix is where I purchase ours.  It’s $4.99 for 8.5 Fl OZ

Now, you’ll need DISTILLED WATER.  At least 4 gallons.



OPTIONAL: Cayenne Pepper  (helps with circulation and digestion… I don’t use it, but Marcus added it to his.)
Cayenne pepper


You’ll need a glass jug or glass container that holds 32 ounces. (no plastics unless its approved for this cleanse like this one we got:
Lemonadecleansewater bottle
My awesome buddy, Barbie, mailed me 2.  She’s planning to mail me about 10-12 more… if anyone is interested! These ROCK cause the measurements line tell you what to fill up to what line… so no measuring cups needed! PLUS you can freeze these to take with you on the go…  LOVE them!!!  You can also call Dr. Marcy to request some 605.430.5587 (I heard she sold them, but haven’t called myself) or look online ( I had NO luck online!).


1 cup fresh squeeze lemon juice
1/4 cup GRADE B maple syrup
(optional teaspoon of Cayenne pepper)

mix together and sip on through out the day!  ANYTIME YOU FEEL HUNGRY, DRINK UP!!!
You’ll need to drink 2 of these recipes each day  (so TWO 32 oz. containers= day)  …. men will need four a day. =)
DON’T FORGET THE WATER!!!!!!! You need to drink water a lot to help your body cleanse!!!   Drink 64 ounces of water each day OR MORE.

Some people may experience constipation, and drinking a laxative tea works GREAT! Or whatever method you prefer.  Make sure you are ‘going’.

WHEN YOU FINISH>>>>  treat your body right, and don’t shock it.  Have broths and fruits for the first day after… GRADUALLY introduce solids & meats….  People who didn’t take this step found that they felt worse and bloated.  TREAT YOUR BODY GENTLY.  You will have just shed tons of weight, inches of fat, and TOXINS GALORE…

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! Refer to the site I suggested in my original post “what God did today” for more info…  Theres ALOT of recipes out there… but this works.

Share your results when you finish…. I’m in your corner on this… stay STRONG!!!  The results are worth the moodiness, sugar & carb cravings, and fatigue.  HANG IN THERE!!! 

Until tomorrow….

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