I’m back!!

I feel so bad that I’ve neglected this blog for a week!  But let me tell you, it was such an awesome week!!!  I was on the Scentsy leadership retreat in gorgeous Cancun, Mexico with my cutie-pie hubby, Marcus!  I am so blessed to have earned the trip for free, and to go and network and learn from such amazing leaders!

I came home Sunday night feeling refreshed & geared up to make this year better than ever!  In my business and even in my personal life, as well.  And you know I say it all the time, but the 2 go hand-in-hand on the journey to true success.   I cannot be successful in my business if I’m falling apart as a person.  Or if I’m failing horribly as a parent, I can’t consider my success at Scentsy “TRUE success”.

There was a lot of clouds and rain, but I’m not so sad about that because it gave us more ‘networking’ time.  I learned so much from those around me.   And the training was exceptionally inspiring!   I think that me just being with those who have passion and joy for Scentsy helped me renew that passion & joy in me!  Kinda like going to church…. I still love God when I’m not there, or miss…. BUT OH THE RENEWAL AND EXCITEMENT when I can be there to fellowship and learn about God more.

I plan to share a little, here & there, of what was so special about this trip…. if I did it all in one post, I’d be here at my computer for 3 days straight!!!

Anyway, here’s a few pictures of how much fun Marcus & I had together AND with friends we’ve made along our Scentsy journey!!!  I’ll share some good training stuff tomorrow & Friday!!! stay tuned!  I won’t let ya down!!
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