if nothing changes, nothing changes

I just got my new license in the mail yesterday.  Whew!  First thing I noticed was how unattractive the “cleaning day” look is on me.  LOL   Second thing that jumped out at me was how much thinner my face is now from my last picture.  A huge change.  One that even my hubby pointed out when I regretfully showed him my new ID.

Anyway, most of you know that the lemonade cleanse last summer totally helped me shift gears in my body.   It’s not that I’m cleansing all the time, its that the cleanse gave me a new start of sorts.  A place to begin again.  And because I immediately (well within 5 days) saw results, it empowered me to make permanent changes.

Changes like clean eating.  If it wasn’t grown on a tree  or in dirt…  it’s probably not going to be a good thing for my waist.

Meat is fine, in moderation. But who lied and said we had to eat meat at every meal???   and that it needs to be the main course?

Nothing wrong with juices and coffees, but why devote 25% of my daily calorie intake to what I’m drinking, when that could be more FOOD??!!  Hello???!!!!   

Smaller portions… eat slower…  chew fully…  (you know all the things Mother have preached to us as children about.)


Anyway, I guess for me it’s about doing what’s good for my body, so I can be the best I can be in areas that matter.  And maintaining the progress I have made.   I can’t begin to describe how much better I feel now that I cleanse and eat healthier.  How much energy I’ve missed out on in the past because I couldn’t control my eating!!! Sad!  How tired I used to be!!!  All those are things I am so glad I have more of a handle on.

It’s a daily fight, but definitely a challenge I’m willing to take now that I’ve seen the way I can feel.

I don’t have aspirations to become Barbie thin although I dream of a flat tummy one day.  =)  I lift weights & walk on my elliptical once or twice a week, but I have 0% biceps and don’t dream of being super athletic.

But if I can keep up this little routine, of clean eating, smaller portions, cleansing twice a year or more…  I’m a better me.  And that’s why I did it in the first place.


I hope you’ll join me this year…  not on a “lose 20 lbs. new year’s resolution”.  But on a YEAR LONG TRANSFORMATION to become a better you… every day.  Every week.  Each month.  It won’t happen over night… (well, cleansing kinda does, but you know what I mean).  But each day you’ll be stronger, and then you’ll have that moment:::::  Maybe when you see an old friend, or you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror at work, or you get your new license in the mail….  =)  And it will be every bit of the encouragement you need to continue making THE choice to develop a BETTER YOU.

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