if it plugs in, it’s gotta go!

Ever had one of those weeks where you were sure that you were being tested?  It’s been one of those weeks for me…  And tomorrow is Friday.  Most Friday’s I try to do a facebook-free Friday, but tomorrow, I’m sort-of thinking about doing an “Electronics-free Friday”.

If it plugs in, it gets UNPLUGGED or turned off.  (Who knows if I can even do this?  I may have Luke hide my keyboard and cell phone from me!!!) 

It’s been that bad.

I focus on cleansing my body, maybe I should focus on cleansing my mind.

I’ll let ya know how this turns out…   Maybe you can text, email, or facebook me JUST to see if I’m staying strong!! LOL
I NEED accountability partners on this one!

So here’s my list of what I’ll maybe focus on tomorrow in the stead of Facebook, answering texts, or emails:

1)  homeschool, like usual.
2) I think I’ll make something paleo, like these Paleo Muffins:

Paleo muffins
r maybe these Paleo Salmon Cakes:

Paleo Salmon Cakes

OR MAYBE BOTH!!!!!!!!  Click here to see the recipes for these and most of my favorite foods!

3) I’m going to tackle the messy closet in my piano room.
4) Actually ask Luke what he’d like to do after lunch, and DO it.
5) Then I’ll surprise him by crawling in bed with him & taking his nap with him!
6) Then we’ll wake up and do absolutely nothing until Daddy gets home.

& these are JUST suggestions….  At this point all I know is that I need to DO NOTHING!  (Which is incredibly hard for me.)

Until next time!

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