How to keep your business in gear—> even when you aren’t driving!

All this week I’ve been sharing things I do to successfully prepare to be out of the Scentsy office.   You can insert ANY home based business there.   Whether I’m planning to be gone for a couple days or for seven..  I prepare the same way.  I don’t take those times away lightly, because I don’t want my paycheck to suffer.  

A HUGE amount of my pay (actually the majority) is comprised of my leadership bonuses.   Basically, I make more as I mentor and lead those under me.
Lack of leadership? Lack of pay.  Who wants that? LOL

So I plan ahead when I know that there will be days I cannot give my team the inspiration and encouragement they deserve.  After I communicate EFFICIENTLY with them,,,,  (see my post from yesterday) then I devise ways to keep them motivated throughout my period of absence.  Here’s some ideas I’ve used that really work:


1) Make sure someone is posting & communicating (delegate this to a top performer or leader– see yesterday’s post for ideas).  

2) Give them a 2-3 day challenge BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!!  Make sure it’s clear & exciting since you won’t be around to explain details or pump up the participation.   Example:  sell 6 pks of bars in the next 36 hours.  OR post a picture of you with a customer making a delivery.  OR make a basket of samples and tag me to your picture on Facebook!  

3) Share a audio training or video.  Tell them you want them to listen/watch it and that when you return, you want to discuss it with them and see what they thought of it.  GIVE THEM THE LINK, don’t be lazy.  Make it easy for them to do their part of the challenge.  

4) Mail out post cards or something inspirational the day before you leave, so it gets to them in the middle of your trip.  This way, you’ve touched them, and made them smile, even if you’re away at that very moment.  

5) Fact is, CONSISTENT leaders get by with more “time away” than those who are INCONSISTENT.  So the best advice I can give you is to be consistent for 10 months out of the year, and your team won’t fall apart on you when you’re gone more out of the 2 summer months.  That’s truth.  


Lastly, there are tons of online helps to keep your business in gear, even when you aren’t driving!!! (nice, right?) One I use it it’s free and very helpful when you want to keep posting and active on social media, but can’t commit to actually pulling your phone out each day of vacation.

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