how I invest for long-term success

One of the things that hurts small home based business owners the most is not thinking of the business as a business.  Thinking of your business as “side money” is a sure-fire way to make some major mistakes.  I LOVE this quote (& many others from Dave Ramsey)

So here are my thoughts and a few mottos I was raised with (my Dad’s family has generations & generations of entrepreneurs and he raised me with the same ideas that made his business successful) :

manage your business… OWN IT, even if you just invested $99 to get started.

Be smart with your money, and invest ONLY in things that will bring return.  If you can’t see it (what you’re throwing $ at) funding YOUR account back sometimes in the future, then leave it alone.

Find a cheaper way to do it.  I drive those around me crazy, but this is the first question I ask myself before making a move on buying or doing about anything!  Sometimes, cheaper isn’t better…. but sometimes we pay for things & services, because we didn’t spend enough time researching and asking peers.  For instance, you can use for absolutely free to send out impressive newsletters, and such….  or you can use any of the hundreds of similar services that require a monthly fee.  Your pick!  I say free is good because I did my research!

Here’s a quick list of things I invest in, to help you brainstorm:
(in no certain order!) >> Oh & reminder, mu CPA lets me deduct 100% of the following:
– wearing a scentsy shirt to advertise!
– doing little incentives & awards to show I’m proud of my team
– church donations ( or missionaries, or whatever makes you feel good! )
– actual products. (I can’t promote something I’ve never tried myself.)
– $10/month website
– showcase brochures, order forms, product lists, & a few catalogs
– gas to get me places! Deliveries are opportunities to make new sales!
– postage for mailouts to my team! Even a postcard can put a fire back in a soul!
– samples & hostess extras! I want to be known as “THE scentsy girl” in my neck of the woods!  I don’t give away much, but every order over $15 gets something small.

Hope these ideas help you get a game plan with your own home-based business!

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