how does it look where you are going?




I’m a forward facing person.  It’s not anything I can take credit for… it’s in my genes.    I am constantly looking toward tomorrow, next month, next year, and so on.   I rarely look behind unless I’m taking inventory of what I can change to make tomorrow look better.

(there’s a huge downside to this way of thinking… but I’m on a mission here, so I am not going there today. LOL)

In money, and in business, that’s a good trait to have… because it drives someone to make decisions based on long-term success, and not short term goals that lead no where.    For instance, the new consultant that dreams of a day when the profit from her team MATCHES or EXCEEDS her own personal sales commission should be SPENDING HER TIME & MONEY on her team >>>>  not buying extra inventory, or unnecessary apparel.

See? that’s the difference.  The ones who “see” the future of their investments would NEVER waste money on extra inventory compared to using the same $$ to invest in their hard working personal recruits.

But it’s the deal-breaker with so many people,  and why most of America is in horrible debt.   We simply live for today.

Growing up, my family bought great, used cars.  (Because they were forward thinking people.)  They saw the $$ invested in a car and looked down the road 15,000 miles and knew it wouldn’t be wise to waste money on something that would truly depreciated 31%.  What does it hurt to drive a car with 10,000-20,000 miles?  And what does it SAVE???

If you paid new around $30K  then JUST BY DRIVING IT OFF THE LOT, you lose almost $2,600
Is it worth it?  Is there anything you could do with $2,600?  anything other than throwing it away like it never existed?

THIS WEBSITE taught me A LOT on how things depreciate…  it will make you a wiser investor for sure!

So, my journey hasn’t always looked shiny… but where I’m headed looks GRAND!  No one can see it from looking at my present choices maybe… cause I don’t drive the newest car (but I paid cash!) and we don’t own any vacation homes yet or wear fancy clothes or diamonds.

But I’m not living for today…  none of those investments I mentioned make much sense right now in our lives.   We are making our $$ work for us right now.

And because of smart choices now…. tomorrow is looking better & better!

comparison Theodore Roosevelt quote1.10.13


Last thing, I PROMISE!  Most of us ‘feel’ like we ‘deserve’ certain things because we ‘see’ others with those same things…  But what about tomorrow?  Will you need more because you made a new friend with even better things?  Will it ever stop?

Learning to be happy and content with where you are and what you have… is hard.  But when we get there… our families will experience true peace and joy.  And you’ll cherish and APPRECIATE those shiny things on that day in the future when you can truly afford them.  I’m proof from being raised in a home that did it right.

Just my random thought for the day….



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