Homeschooling at it’s best, Homeschooling at it’s worst

I choose to homeschool because of a deep rooted dream.  I taught kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades in christian schools and no matter which grade I had each year, I saw some of the same things over & over.  I saw young children who hadn’t spent enough quality time with mommy & daddy.  Now, each child is soo different and some adapt quite well.   But it never failed that the most mature, and academically advanced children were those  who had stayed home with mommy instead of going to preschool.   So I began to ask the question, if the first 4 years made a difference, would an extra few years with mommy make an even BIGGER IMPACT??

I also saw way TOO MANY parents who weren’t compelled to become involved.  Why?  I believe because they didn’t feel responsible for their children’s education.   If they felt responsible, it would have been a higher priority.   Instead, the separated themselves from it.

My thoughts are as follows:

I brought Luke into this world, so its MY job to make sure he doesn’t just ‘learn’ but that he gets THE BEST EDUCATION.  And education begins MUCH SOONER THAN K4!!!!  It’s my highest priority even if that means I had to quit my job as a teacher the summer before he was born.    We embraced the change wholeheartedly because we believed in the outcome:

Marcus made a job change that required more sacrifice from him.
I began to research how I could work from home.
We didn’t eat out.
We never bought new clothes.
We purchased pre-owned vehicles.
We cut coupons, and grocery shopped smart.
And we did a whole lot of praying!

And God honored our efforts and I was able to take on more piano students taking me from 16 to 75 weekly students.  God also brought Scentsy to our lives when Luke was about  17 months old.  Marcus ended up finding a great job less than 5 miles from home.  And looking back, these small trials & miracles grew our faith in each other and in Him more than I ever could’ve believed. 

So, we just completed our first week in 2nd grade homeschooling this week.   And I’m sooo blessed to know that I’ve seen my son learn and grow into the amazing 6 yr old that he is.  It’s not without struggles (after all, that bad attitude came from me!!! Oh NO!! )  or hardships (he isn’t completely the genius I describe him to be LOL and he does have weak subjects).  but the BLESSING FAR OUT WEIGH THE CHALLENGES!

Is everyone cut out to homeschool??  What about social interaction?  Or do most children do better in an environment of peer pressure?  Tomorrow, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions, and give insight into our curriculum and schedule.   

If you’ve EVER considered homeschooling, I hope our story helps you reconsider making that sacrifice!

Until tomorrow!!!  Hugs!

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