well, here we go!

Welcome to my blog!  I’ve been burdened to start this blog for some time.  And I’m excited to get it started!   I plan to come here each day to write out my thoughts…  I just know God is going to grow me through this journey!  I hope you’ll join me each step of the way!!

As you can read in my ‘just me’ page, I’m just an ordinary, everyday girl, who has the aim to be successful in EVERY ASPECT of life.  Will it matter that I achieve greatness in business if I fail to create harmony at home?  Is it even possible?  or can I be truly satisfied at the end of the day if I’ve neglected the things that really matter?

So, the DISCOVERY begins…  true success. What it is, how to achieve it.  I just KNOW I’m on the right track… because of the peace in my heart.  But its a journey, and one that I’m sure will take time.

I start with Thanksgiving…  I don’t believe it’s possible to achieve any measure of success without it.  Being thankful for the simple things…

the socks that don’t have matches, because I’m lucky to have a family
the 700 emails in my inbox, because I have a business
the dirty dishes in the sink, because we had enough food to have a meal

I could go on and on…  but it’s here in thankfulness, that true happiness lies.  And I’ll only be truly successful in life if I’m genuinely happy.

Until tomorrow…  =) be thankful for those small nagging things.

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