Girl #1 & Girl #2

The sad part about working with so many people is that you get to see first hand what may be holding them back…  but you can’t always say it, or wouldn’t want to be wrong and offend them.

One of the BIGGEST hurdles I see in people’s business are EXCUSES.  Usually about time, people, space, money, opportunity, just to name a few.

But there’s usually 1 or 2 in every 10 that TOSS their excuses and build their dream.   Those are the ones who build great income, and success.

For instance, I worked with a lady once in her Scentsy business who always used the excuse that she didn’t have enough space in her trailer to work her business.  It was her breaking point.  When we talked, she’s mention things like, “Well, if I had a desk or an office, I could…”  or
“one of these days I’m going to get a shed in the back so I can do this right”.

Yet, at the same time, same city, I was working with another girl, who was in a very similar space situation, having 2 extra children in her trailer.  She would tell me how she hoped she rocked her Scentsy business enough to get a double-wide one day!  She worked her business each evening after supper was cleared away from the table.  She took my advice and purchased under-the-bed storage for her “office supplies” and inventory.

Girl #2 promoted circles around girl #1.   It’s not hard to see why is it?

Here’s the irony though.  Girl #1 had more natural opportunity.  She should have been the ‘star’.  She had a great disposition, wonderful network of friends, and even a nice customer base thanks to where she worked.  It was easy for Girl #1.

Girl #2 had to work much harder.  She had to teach herself how to get out of her comfort zone to meet new people at the laundromat, and supermarket.  She didn’t have a lot of family she could depend on to help with the kiddos.

When I talked with Girl #2 she taught ME how to be a better person.    She didn’t look around and make excuses.  She didn’t let the things she wanted hold her back from using what she had.  She knew other people had it ‘easier’ with larger homes and better customer bases and more time.  But her focus was on working with what she had.   And the fun part?  She was happy.

comparison Theodore Roosevelt quote1.10.13


I realize that we are all in different situations… some good some not so great.  But God’s given us an opportunity to do something and be something amazing!

If we WAIT for the conditions to be ideal (time, space, help, money)  then we may never realize the dream we missed!

Every now and then I ask myself what is holding me back.  Sometimes it’s STUPID STUFF.  (usually it is) And other times it can be legitimate reasons.  But here’s the cold, hard fact:

If I spend my days wishing away & dreaming about what I want,
I may miss a chance to turn WHAT I HAVE into WHAT I WANT.   

Never let the things you have

Thought for today….  be thankful for what we have.  Use it.  Give God honor with it.  And in time, it may turn into everything you’ve dreamed you’d have.

Until tomorrow…

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