Fundraising part 2

Yesterday, I chatted a little about WHY fundraisers are a blessing to me & my Scentsy business!  I also shared part 1 of my fundraising training, walking you through EVERY aspect of fundraisers.  (missed that? get caught up with part 1 here!)

Here’s part 2: 

Now you are ready to start your next FUNDRAISER!!!!!  It’s not hard to find people around you who are hurting.  Here’s your chance to “give back” in a MAJOR way the next time you hear of tragedy!  Or even for that family who is wanting to take a family vacation this summer!  Remember: YOU are the CEO of your own business…. so you wanna go places?  GO PLACES!  Be awesome!  I cannot WAIT to hear your success stories!  

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    Hello I’ve been watching your videos and still trying to figure out the fundraisers my step dauther wants to do one for younth camp for her church.
    I was looking in my work shop and don’t see anything about the fundraisers? Don’t have the funds to get started what do I do I really need your help thanks so much and God bless you

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      Hi Brandy!
      Yes, fundraisers ROCK! The fundraising info & training would be in the training center of your workstation. We get to set our fundraisers up however we want & tailor the event to meet the organization’s needs. (which is TOTALLY cool!) I have some fundraising training here on my blog too! I know it may seem scary to do your first one, but you will LOVE it! and you’ll love the results too!

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