first things first when fundraising~

Tis the season for fundraisers!  They’re everywhere!  So hopefully, if you’re a home business owner, you’re offering your products to local businesses and ball teams and non-profits, too!
If you haven’t gotten a fundraiser, it could be you haven’t ask enough people!  I fundraiser for ANY organization or individual!  Whether it’s a girl needing a prom dress, or a sports team.  I’ve helped single mothers raise money for sports uniforms, and I’ve helped Relay for Life.  My fundraisers are simple and fun!  And because they’re easy, people spread the word FOR me…. it’s great getting a fundraiser referral from a fundraiser that was done last year!!!

1) Have the mindset to HELP.
2) Then make 3-5 calls DAILY.  Tell them you’re the local Scentsy (Avon, Mary Kay, etc…) rep and you were interested in learning about how you could help them with their next fundraiser!  Offer to leave a fundraiser packet with them.

(My packets are a simple brown envelope,  with this logo printed and glued to the front:

hen I enclose a business card, a couple of wax samples, a showcase brochure (not a catalog), an order form, and this flyer:
Fundraising Flyer-LOCAL sample

Here’s some other flyers I may enclose or may wait to give them in the future:

Fundraising (LOCAL) with Scentsy FAQ

You can add your own content, and make each event different!  Thats the FUN of owning your own business!!!  This is yours!

I recommend leaving the packets and following up within 3-5 business days.  Be polite.  Say something like, “Hi, I’m Laura, the Scentsy girl who left the fundraiser packet with you all last week.  I just wanted to make sure you all didn’t have any questions.”  ________Let them speak!__________ then say: “Sounds good.  I customize my fundraisers to meet each organization’s needs, so I’d love to chat with you all to see how we can make your Scentsy fundraiser successful!”  Then I wait, and pray, and wait, and pray!   But the KEY is getting your packets in ENOUGH people’s hands….  That’s the KEY!

Tomorrow, I’ll share some more of my fundraiser tips & tricks!

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