“Exposure brings acceptance”

In light of Mother’s Day yesterday, and my on going desire (like most of you) to be TRULY SUCCESSFUL in my most important job of all: being mommy… I have to tell you a story and why it meant so much to me yesterday:

Last night, I got a pretty nice THANK YOU for my awesome parenting skills (lol) from LUKE, my 7 yr old. ( I realize that these will be few & far between, so I just have to share! haha)

our conversation on the way home from church:

Luke: Mama, I know why you won’t let me watch scary movies & PG-13.
Me: oh yeah, why is that?
Luke: Because like Bro. Robert was saying, you love me and want me to have a clean heart and want to keep me safe. (which really wasn’t the message, but it’s what God spoke to his heart)

—-> That’s probably the BEST thanks I could ever get for being “strict” and taking a stand, especially when it’s not popular, even among other Christians.

I am very opinionated when it comes to things like what we watch on TV.  I don’t believe for a minute that it’s healthy to WATCH SOMETHING FOR ENTERTAINMENT that you wouldn’t want to HAVE HAPPEN LIVE IN YOUR OWN HOME.    What we put before our eyes is so important.  “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes:” Psalm 101:3a  Especially, when you think about watching it for ‘pleasure’ or ‘relaxation’.    What and who we allow to come into our home is crucial.  

T.V works hard to desensitize from an early age to all sorts of things.  This, in my opinion, makes children/teens have a HARDER time drawing a line between particpating in unhealthy activity or abstaining.   I’m not saying they cannot choose, and overcome…. but I’m saying it makes it harder for them.

I understand that we shouldn’t try to shield them from everything forever, nor would that be wise, or healthy.  However, I just wonder what a HOLY & JUST God thinks when he sees the latest Hollywood movie.

I’m a black or white person with most things (which drives Marcus batty haha)… and I think that, across the board, every movie or T.V. show would fall into ONE of the following categories:

LIGHT                         DARK

Most 3 yr old children can tell the difference between a good or bad character, based on the dress, the way the music changes, the way their make up is, even the colors of the scene or where the scene takes place.

Yet, as we age, do we fail to be able to make that distinction?  Or choose not to?

I think it goes back to the saying “Exposure brings acceptance.”   And tonight, when Luke said that about me loving him and wanting to keep him safe, I’m reminded (and encouraged) to not let him believe that what Hollywood thinks is suitable for a 13 yr old is “ok” for even a second.  In fact, it’s not even up for discussion until he turns 13, and even then, it may still be considered “not appropriate”.  After all, like my amazing friend Robbin says, “Those who rate the movies & shows aren’t even Believers! So think about how much MORE a christian should rate the content of what he views.”  (she’s amazing!) 

Ok, so as I get off this soap box of mine, I’ll leave you with something I’ve found to be a HUGE help!  It’s www.pluggedin.com  I check their app before we take Luke to any movie.  They also have reviews for music & games. Within 1 minute I can see about the language, nudity, and much more!   It’s FABULOUS!!!!     Here’s their ‘about us’ :  Plugged In is a Focus on the Family publication designed to shine a light on the world of popular entertainment while giving families the essential tools they need to understand, navigate and impact the culture in which they live… read more

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