the cutest organizer & a DISCOUNT to make it even sweeter!

The other day, one of my Scentsy rock-stars, Heather, randomly posted this picture and MAN-OH-MAN did it get some response!!! It’s a perfect Scentsy-on-the-go-party , or basket party organizer!!!   This is what she said about it: “When my hostesses see these, they don’t feel overwhelmed. I keep it stocked and ready to go. It’s […]

why I can’t live without pizap

I’m sure alot of you are more creative than I am… but hey! I’ve found an ‘out’!  Just incase there’s more ungifted people out there…. I thought I’d share my ‘cheat sheet’.  haha I feel like a picture is STILL worth 1,000 words… and I’m a firm believer that even though we are grown adults, […]

Scentsy Laundry Samples!

I’m not very creative, but I’ll do ALMOST anything to show my customers that I appreciate them!   Here’s what I’m working on this month for those who spend more than $30.  Take a look!  If I can do it, ANYONE can! Grab a few clear bags and attach any promotional stickers you may have! […]