counter clean samples

Every now & then, I just want to try something new!  Today was one of those days! Look what we made!   I usually get my mini spray bottles from Click here to order spray bottles in the size you see in my video!!! Here are my labels if you’d like to make your own […]

Customer Info organization!

Being organized is crucial for the SUCCESS of your home-based business.  (I’ve tried it the other way, and trust me, it’s AWFUL!)  So on my journey to find true success, I’ve learned that I get way more done, in a lot less time, by having a system in place!   During the next few days, […]

be remembered…. says “The more someone hears or sees your name, the greater chances they’ll remember it.” I like to think that my customers know my website from memory, but the cold, hard facts are…. they may not.  I need to intentionally put systems in place to make this happen!  Today, I got out of my […]

back-to-school ideas for your biz!

Today isn’t Monday, but I’ve still got some Monday motivation for you!   Think like a business owner today, and focus on TEACHERS!!!! They’ve been busy for weeks preparing their classrooms, attending meetings, cleaning, organizing, getting ready for students. Today, think of ways that YOUR BUSINESS can be an extra special blessing for them  (remember […]

good-bye Grace Adele, but before you go…..

Have you heard???!!!!!! Grace Adele, Scentsy sister company, is closing.  Sad news!  But as businesses close, we get to take advantage of some pretty ah-mazing “Store-Closing-specials”, right??!! If you don’t have a GA consultant…. then I’d love to be your girl!  for a complete list of closeout specials, visit my site:  Here’s just a […]

my line in the sand

The day before Scentsy Family Reunion I had the privilege of speaking in front of a group of major superstars!  The room held Directors-SuperStar Directors, many who have inspired me for years!   My topic was “Keeping Your Team Engaged” and I spoke form the heart, with passion, about everything I wanted to speak on. […]

skittles and laughs

Last week was the amazing 2014 Scentsy Family Reunion! I’m still trying to process all of the amazing content we learned!  Good training and great speakers!  I’m mentally exhausted from all of the ideas and tips that were shared! One of the things that was shared several times throughout Reunion was to simply, “bring the […]

Monday Motivation- deposits & withdrawals of your business

I cannot wait to stay home long enough to finally have time to share all of the things I’m learning!  It’s been trip after trip this month.  But I’ve had a thought on my heart about expecting more from our business than we put into it.  What an unhealthy routine to get into.  It sure […]

open for business

As I spend this time of year REVAMPING my business, I am reminded that it is MY job to make sure I show my customers that I’m “Open for Business”.  When you work from home, it’s not as easy as putting a sign on the door! And I’m cool with that! (because that means I’m […]

Summer Referral Program

Every now & then, I re-evaluate my business… I check the income, the customer base, the recruiting, the team sales & activity, and director activity.  I do this to see how I can improve myself, and my business.    I almost NEVER love what I see, and it drives me to reinvent myself, my leadership, […]