Party with EASE!

Home parties are HARD to find… so when you get one…. you want to ROCK it!   Here’s how I run my parties so they go smoothly, and don’t drag on forever, and best yet? I do it all for SUPER CHEAP using school supplies!  (can you tell I used to teach school?)

how to show off your night lights at events!

Every now & then I set up a booth at a festival or fair or fundraiser!  This is a fun way to meet new people & share my love for scentsy!  Here’s a short video showing you how I set up my night lights so customers can see how they work & what they look […]

party game that drives home a point

Everything about a “party” should mean “fun”!   Are your events FUN?  How many times do you hear laughter at your events?   My aim at every event is to have FUN with PURPOSE!  Yep, even my team meetings are designed to be FUN!   Here’s a game I play at my events….  play along […]

How about adding some fun for your customers?

I have the MOST creative and awesome Scentsy family!  Look at what one of my rock stars came up with!!! (Thanks Jonnine Trochesset for sharing this amazing idea with me!!!!) SCENTSY EGG HUNT!!!!!! but you could make it into any brand egg hunt!  Love this idea!!! “I put half a lid of Scentsy washer whiffs […]

My partner on my last business trip!

Last weekend, Luke and I went to do a Scentsy booth together! It was so much fun! He always begs to go, and I love having him with me. Our four day trip consisted of set up (day one), selling in 45 degree weather, eating yummy ‘fair like’ lunches, pillow fights and jumping on the […]

compare or not to compare???

to compare or not to compare???  That seems to be the question.  Is it healthy or not?   you see posts like this all the time: but when it all comes down to it….  I feel like God uses people in my life to help me see where I need to GROW. Yeah, I get […]

you can make it easy… or you can lose a sale.

We are all busy.  Crazy so.  And the successful business owners keep that in mind when they market their business. What makes one direct selling rep have repeat customers and another always have to find ‘new blood’?   Well, I believe it has a lot to do with how they market their business. I have […]

the worst party I EVER did….

We ALL want to have successful home parties and events.  But it doesn’t ALWAYS turn out that way, right?  And sometimes I’ve heard people say, “Well, you never can tell”.  And I wonder how much truth is in that? TRUE STORY: My second year of selling Scentsy, I got word through my mom-in-law that a […]