How about adding some fun for your customers?

I have the MOST creative and awesome Scentsy family!  Look at what one of my rock stars came up with!!! (Thanks Jonnine Trochesset for sharing this amazing idea with me!!!!) SCENTSY EGG HUNT!!!!!! but you could make it into any brand egg hunt!  Love this idea!!! “I put half a lid of Scentsy washer whiffs […]

I’m so worked up about this!

I don’t get angry very often, or even aggravated.  But let me tell you….  if I could JUST come face to face with certain people, I’m sure I’d lose the battle! In the last couple weeks, I’ve been shocked at the number of people getting ‘ripped off’ by their Scentsy rep!!! GROSS! For instance, how in […]

3 gifts from India for the Ogdens

No 2 Adoption stories are created equally…. WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR what’s lead the Ogdens to adopt!    Up until 2009, adoption was never even on our radar. We were content with our two little boys and our comfortable life in Georgia. Thankfully, God did not allow us stay that way. He began to give […]

how Luke came into the Cherry family

This month is National Adoption Month, and we are coming up on National Adoption Day…  and God’s laid on my heart to fund families on their adoption journey.  So far, our fundraisers have raised over $2,000 in JUST 10 days!!!  I’m so excited to see how God’s going to bless in the days to come! […]

“Sassy Gracie”

Adoption is close to my heart all though the year. But this month is National Adoption month, and I’ve been blessed to meet the more darling families since Nov. 1st.  These families are all on their road to adopting the child of their dreams…. I was only going to choose 4 special families, but what […]

it’s National Look For Circles Day!

Ok, funny the things people come up with…  but today is National Look For Circles Day! And you don’t have to look any further!  LOL I have an amazing deal going on RIGHT NOW on my Scentsy Scented Circles!  They hang perfectly in closets, cars, pantries, lockers, cabinets, etc…  and come in over 80 different […]

Marketing the sale RIGHT!

Today, our companies, Scentsy & Grace Adele, are doing a CRAZY SALE called “monster monday”.  It’s a fabulous way to start holiday shopping early.  Spreading the spending out is a great idea, but add on these up-to-75%-off-deals, and you’re CRAZY not to take advantage of it! A lot of our customers won’t find out about […]

Monster Monday Sale!!!!!

We don’t even celebrate Halloween, but I have to tell ya, I’m pretty excited over Monster Mondays in October!!!!!! Basically , it’s a SUPER-DUPER sale and these prices are UNBELIEVABLE!!! BUT there’s a CATCH!!!!!!!!!!! sales only last until TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!!!!  hurry!   You won’t believe it!  Scentsy PLUG INS for $10, […]

Scentsy just EXPLODED with amazing new products!

In all 9 catalog changes I’ve gone though in my 4 1/2 yrs as a rep…. I’ve NEVER been more excited over one like this one that launched yesterday!!!  Seriously! Take a look at why…. Just like scentsy to keep up with the newest trends!! Si is my husband’s hero….  And this warmer will be […]