no unity? no relationship. no success.

This week, I’m sharing how Relationship is the key to becoming successful in business and in life!   Yesterday, I introduced the 4 components for highly effective relationships & dealt with the first one, Showing Respect.  Today, it gets a little more fun!!! Component #2 is “having a shared purpose” which I’ll rename “uniting” (sounds […]

What she did wrong

In 2009, just 4 months after I signed up to sell Scentsy, I met a girl who was interested in selling Scentsy.   And I was so honored when she joined under me to sell!  She started off CRAZY WELL!!!  Her sales were over the top, and I knew she took her business seriously. But something […]

relationship is the key

God’s shown me something in the last 4 years through my Scentsy business.  And I’m embarrassed to say that I may have lived ‘in the dark’ FOREVER if it weren’t for certain influential people He placed in my path.  I’ve awakened to the fact that in all aspects of life, the relationship is the key. […]