Scent-a-Claus party

I’m not real sure how I came up with the idea… but I decided to use a play on the words Santa Claus, and merge our awesome Scentsy business… and I came up with Scent~a~Claus.  And I had a Scent-a-Claus party with my long-distance Scentsy family in Baton Rouge last week!  It was GREAT!!!! There […]

oh my dash

I’ve ran across this poem more than once in the last few weeks… I think I’m supposed to take a hint, and learn from it!  It sure does make you think twice about things.  I thought I’d share it with you…   The Dash -Linda Ellis I read of a man who stood to speak […]

if you’re on the fence… I’ll persuade ya!

Scentsy hasn’t too long ago opened Spring Sprint registration!  It’s kind of like mini-convention.  And it rocks.  I can’t imagine missing it! When I look back at the different events I’ve gone to, I can’t imagine missing out!  The training is awesome, and the giveaways… well, they’re always over-the-top. But the REAL Value is in […]

get yourself some help, please

This morning is one of those days where I’m EXTRA thankful that I learned to delegate!   Life can be a busy mess…. then toss in a home based business and it can get really messy! I had trouble with delegating in my early days of running a business because I’m such a perfectionist.  (add […]

arrows out today

Take a look around…   Someone close to you needs you today.   It may be someone in bed next to you, or in the living room.  It most definitely could be the lady in the grocery, or at the post office.   It actually may be the child you pass in the stroller. Someone […]

JUST the right people, at the right time

  Every now & again, someone throws ya for a loop. Well, yesterday, at my Scentsy team meeting, I had one of those moments. I had just wrapped up a sold out scentsy team meeting at Ryan’s, and was floored when one of my Director’s, April, handed me a card.  I thought it was for […]

I wasn’t good enough

I can remember being sure I was a failure in everyone’s eyes.  I had always felt like I didn’t measure up.  Like the best of my best still left so much room for improvement.  The straight A’s, the awards in piano, the OCD clean room, chores done right and on time, none of this mattered…. […]

compare or not to compare???

to compare or not to compare???  That seems to be the question.  Is it healthy or not?   you see posts like this all the time: but when it all comes down to it….  I feel like God uses people in my life to help me see where I need to GROW. Yeah, I get […]

you talkin’ to ME?

We can’t become successful in life or business without effective relationships…  and this week I’ve worked through 4 components of a Successful Highly Effective Relationships.  The last component is Communication.  (no, that’s not a curse word! I don’t think anyway. =) I taught Elementary school for a long time.  And whether I was teaching kindergarten […]

do you believe??

Building Effective Relationships is not rocket science.  Its not even hard.  But you’ve probably been seeing THEY TAKE TIME.    The 4 components I’m working through this week, are simple and ANYONE can do it.  Today & tomorrow I’ll introduce the last 2. #3 DEVELOP CONFIDENCE IN EACH OTHERS ABILITIES Doesn’t sound scary at all, […]