Monday Motivation- 100 reasons VS 1

My Monday Motivation: when you think of 100 reasons why you can’t mentor & lead your team……. remind yourself of the 1 person who needs you today. when you think of 100 reasons why you aren’t a good parent……  remember the children who rely on you today. when you think of 100 reasons why you […]

saying thanks to the ones who made me who I am…

I am a better person because of a few certain people.  You probably could say the same. Maybe they took time with you as a child.  Or helped you learn a valuable lesson about life.  Maybe they gave you the confidence you needed to make a big decision.  Or their support helped you through a […]

my line in the sand

The day before Scentsy Family Reunion I had the privilege of speaking in front of a group of major superstars!  The room held Directors-SuperStar Directors, many who have inspired me for years!   My topic was “Keeping Your Team Engaged” and I spoke form the heart, with passion, about everything I wanted to speak on. […]

Monday Motivation- deposits & withdrawals of your business

I cannot wait to stay home long enough to finally have time to share all of the things I’m learning!  It’s been trip after trip this month.  But I’ve had a thought on my heart about expecting more from our business than we put into it.  What an unhealthy routine to get into.  It sure […]

just for fun….

Sometime in December, I realized that most of the tasks in my business needed REVAMPING.  A lot of the things I started out doing 5 yrs ago, I’m still doing today, and haven’t really tweaked it any!  Then, at Scentsy leadership retreat, in Cancun, they spoke on adding the FUN back into what we do! […]

winning his heart

Recently, as I was scanning my Facebook newsfeed, I ran across a post from a girl I’ve only met once.  And I’ve never met any of her family.  I don’ know anything about her.  But I immediately was drawn to her post: He makes me smile. He loves God . He can fix anything. He […]

multi-tasking life

Today is Facebook free Friday for me!!!  It’s my chance to not feel ‘torn’ between answering emails & surfing the newsfeed on FB.  I won’t feel guilty for the amount of time I’ve wasted, because Friday is my LAST CHANCE to end the week well!   I’ll start my FAMILY FRIDAY at noon today, and […]

what began as heartbreak…

About 2 weeks ago, Marcus & I got into it.  (yeah, the Godwins are like everyone else, lol)  I’m not really sure what it was over, but some hurtful things were said, actually really mean things.  And I was devastated! So, when he came to apologize the next morning, I was still hurting and I […]