my PCOS story

I’m not a doctor… and I’m also not one to openly share personal & embarrassing details about myself openly in public.  But so many people have ask me to share a little about why I knew something was wrong, and why they diagnosed me with PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.   So I’ll share in […]

Lemonade Cleanse helpful hints

If you’ve taken up the challenge last weekend to lose inches and toxins with me by way of the Lemonade Cleanse…  then by now, you’re probably beginning to see some fantastic results!!! Skinnier tummy for sure… Smoother, clearer skin!!! Much more restful sleep. But you had to go through some rough times didn’t ya? Sugar […]

What God did yesterday…

I’m still in shock and amazement over what happened yesterday.  Let me tell ya that prayer works!   And that God used some pretty amazing things to help my body reverse a disease that is considered ‘irreversible’ . For almost 5 years I’ve had some very crazy symptoms and at last, almost 7 months ago, […]