I just changed a diaper, did you??!!!

I’m really quirky when it comes to analogies!  But in my simple head… they work!  Here’s one I just came up a little while ago for a training call I was guest speaking on. (yeah, they haven’t called me back to do another one yet, LOL!) What if doing some tasks as a leader in […]

oh my dash

I’ve ran across this poem more than once in the last few weeks… I think I’m supposed to take a hint, and learn from it!  It sure does make you think twice about things.  I thought I’d share it with you…   The Dash -Linda Ellis I read of a man who stood to speak […]

Luke learns: you cannot out-give God

Our family has tried to focused on giving so much more this past year or so.  And part of that process was encouraging Luke and my step sons, Landon (17) & Lane (15) to ‘watch for needs themselves‘.   We simply shared why it’s important to look for ways to be a blessing, not just […]

treasure the doing a little more…

Am I the only one who feels like Facebook is making me a bad parent? Well, it’s not Facebook.  It’s the choice, my choice, to have my phone or ipad attached to my hands at every waking moment. Today, just today, I realized I checked Facebook while listening to Luke’s daily reading assignment.  Did it […]

table time

We don’t have family devotions…. we have table time! It’s my quirky idea of a different way to gather the family.   If you’re like most families, including ours, you don’t have a lot of interaction unless you schedule it.  And if you’re a christian family, the whole, family devotion idea, is a tough one […]

4 bracelets turned our day around!

I’ve not been feeling so great the last week…  and to add onto that, our church has been in mission’s conference!  And the late nights have been catching up on all of us. So needless to say, homeschool has been affected.  And so have our attitudes.  Luke came up to me yesterday and handed me […]

music to my ears

I forgot something yesterday in my homeschooling post.  It’s a real mood turner & attitude helper and has been since BIBLE TIMES!!! I incorporate music into almost every part of my life, not just because I’m a singer.   I use it to help with the atmosphere!!!   When I homeschool, sometimes it’s just one […]

homeschooling on a bad day

Yesterday was one of ‘those’ days in homeschool with Luke.  He was a grouchy mess and my patient, long-suffering meter was reading at like 12%. LOL   Whether you homeschool or just have issues with getting your children to clean up after themselves, you KNOW what I’m talking about! I don’t know why I am […]

I wasn’t good enough

I can remember being sure I was a failure in everyone’s eyes.  I had always felt like I didn’t measure up.  Like the best of my best still left so much room for improvement.  The straight A’s, the awards in piano, the OCD clean room, chores done right and on time, none of this mattered…. […]

compare or not to compare???

to compare or not to compare???  That seems to be the question.  Is it healthy or not?   you see posts like this all the time: but when it all comes down to it….  I feel like God uses people in my life to help me see where I need to GROW. Yeah, I get […]