Customer Info organization!

Being organized is crucial for the SUCCESS of your home-based business.  (I’ve tried it the other way, and trust me, it’s AWFUL!)  So on my journey to find true success, I’ve learned that I get way more done, in a lot less time, by having a system in place!   During the next few days, […]

3 things successful, home-based business owners do each day

As a Scentsy SuperStar Director… it’s tough balancing personal life with personal business. Then, to top it all off, we have to juggle our personal sales and inspiring our teams. Oh, and what about coaching your hostesses, and helping our newest recruits? And then JUST as you think you are getting ahead, you realize that your hubby […]

Hey business woman, What’s for supper?

Remember a few weeks ago, I shared some Monday Motivation about getting organized as a business owner?  Oh yea, and not making other areas of your life SUFFER while you chase your dream of success?  Yeah, the balancing act!  Click here if you missed that post!  Well, I hope you’re taking one or two of […]

Monday Motivation- the balancing act

Running a home, family, and a biz can be over-whelming!   Here’s some ideas to get you organized in all areas, so you can be JUST AS SUCCESSFUL AT SCENTSY as you are as a spouse & parent! Hope you decide to do even just 1 of these ideas starting THIS WEEK! Even TODAY! Remember, big […]

June Direct Sellling Calendar!

Oh what a vacation I had last week!  My 77 year old Gram, my aunt and cousin spent a week in Hilton Head, SC.  What wonderful memories we made by the Atlantic Ocean!   Our girls week at the beach couldn’t have been more perfect!  And I’m gearing up for another vacation (this one is […]

who’s in charge here?

Yesterday, I wrote some about how to successfully prepare to be away from your office some during the summer.   I gave real examples of a voicemail and an auto reply for your email.   Today I want to focus on another way to prepare…. This time, it has to do more with your team […]

preparing to take time off

As we gear up for summer, it’s EXTREMELY important we COMMUNICATE with those who rely on us.  After all, if we worked for someone else, we would have certain things that needed to be done BEFORE we took off for a day or two.  And being business owners with a direct sales company is really […]

my new Scentsy “why”

I’ve been in scentsy 5 years, 1 month and 3 days, to be EXACT!!!  =)  And I can’t tell you all of the GAIN (financial, emotional, and more!) that I’ve received as a result of taking this thing seriously!!!  It’s unreal!!! The trips, the paychecks, the friendships, the personal growth, and SOOO much more!!!! But […]

how to get it done, in order of importance!

I’m plagued with mental to-do lists.  Things that come to the surface of my brain during the day, and leave just about as fast.  Then the next day, I try my best, but can’t remember what was so important. I leave my desk sometimes feeling like I did ‘all the wrongs’ things, instead of the […]