Leadership of Love – 4 simple tips part 1

Today, it really hit me how much time I save by doing certain things, or NOT doing them.  Living SMART is what I call it.  When I can CREATE an extra 15 minutes in my day, then THAT is SMART.  Here’s 4 different quick tips to help you “find more time” in your day!  2 […]

Party with EASE!

Home parties are HARD to find… so when you get one…. you want to ROCK it!   Here’s how I run my parties so they go smoothly, and don’t drag on forever, and best yet? I do it all for SUPER CHEAP using school supplies!  (can you tell I used to teach school?)

Leadership of Love – look around

  Ok, let’s get real.  Sometimes, it’s hard to get up the courage to be a leader.  Maybe it’s because we feel like personal failures, don’t have any fresh ideas, or maybe it’s because of THIS: Click here to see where I got my hand-dandy, over the door organizers!!! Also, see this & many other […]

running a home based business & mail

Here we are business owners! Sounds exciting, right?! Or intimidating? I get it! Most of us didn’t go to college for this! Running a business (even if it only took $99 to start) can be overwhelming, if you don’t know where to start! Over the course of the next couple weeks, I’m going to share […]

Personal Join Brochures

Creating a system that works is important when you’re the boss of your own business.  It’s a step that some people neglect, and it costs them their success.  Good paychecks & growing businesses aren’t something that happen by chance.  So today, I’m sharing a practice that has landed me many new team members, and has […]

tasks to make you more successful

You WANT to be successful, but don’t have a clue what to do to get there. I totally get ya! 💚 I’ve been there. I’ve wondered what all the 6 figure earners were doing RIGHT NOW! I felt like if I just knew, I’d share the same results! Do you think like that? That’s the […]

meeting your quota using what you sell

Having trouble meeting the 3 month quota for staying ACTIVE with Scentsy?  $150 for 3 months may seem like a lot if you don’t have customers.  But usually if you USE what you sell…. then people will notice & ask you to buy for them.    Here’s the Quota defined:       Below you […]

Business Card Labels

Business Card Labels….  um, hello awesome!   Not kidding, this is probably the coolest idea EVER! Click here to create & order from the same place I got mine! here’s a quick video to show you how FANTASTIC these are!

how to recycle your old business supplies….

As you get ready to transition into the new Spring/Summer catalog March 1st….  you may be wondering what to do with all those old supplies from the fall/winter! Here’s a short video showing you ALL of my ideas of what to do with old catalogs, old testers, old flyers, etc…. Here’s the stickers I use […]