10 things to kick your biz into HIGH GEAR!

Sometimes my business just needs a QUICK JUMP START!  I work from home, and I have to be BOTH boss & employee… SEEING THE PROBLEM LIKE A BOSS ISN’T ENOUGH!!!! it takes working like a good employee to get yourself where you want to be!!! Here are my top 10 KICKIN’ IT IN HIGH GEAR […]

We all have a story

One of the amazing take always from this weeks Scentsy convention/reunion is that we ALL have a story.  Some of the speakers were amazing consultants who rocked their business IN SPITE of tragedy and loss.   Others simply suffered from incredible shyness and lack of self esteem. It was so inspirational to hear their stories. […]


  Today, is part 2 of how I cheer in my Scentsy business….. THIRD CHARACTERISTIC OF A CHEERLEADER… She attends ALL the games,  rain or shine… home or away.  Winning or LOSING STREAK!  If the team’s there,,, SO IS SHE!!!  Here’s one of the biggest problems with so-called ‘leaders’.  They pick & choose when they […]

Excuses, excuses

I’m discovering a huge difference between successful people and those unsuccessful….  And I’m finding that ONE of those differences is simply “excuse making”. A successful person finds flaws within JUST LIKE the unsuccessful.  It’s what they do afterward that determines how successful they are! This morning, while reading Proverbs 27, I discovered a flaw of […]