June Direct Sellling Calendar!

Oh what a vacation I had last week!  My 77 year old Gram, my aunt and cousin spent a week in Hilton Head, SC.  What wonderful memories we made by the Atlantic Ocean!   Our girls week at the beach couldn’t have been more perfect!  And I’m gearing up for another vacation (this one is […]

open for business

As I spend this time of year REVAMPING my business, I am reminded that it is MY job to make sure I show my customers that I’m “Open for Business”.  When you work from home, it’s not as easy as putting a sign on the door! And I’m cool with that! (because that means I’m […]

what to do when you’re barely making the minimum

We are embarking on some pretty dry months are direct sellers….  it’s harder to get sales during ball season & summer.  But it CAN be done, and there’s so many people making it happen.  PLUS, for we Scentsy Family reps, there’s awesome perks when leaders reach $500 PRV!  For instance, we recieve a BONUS on […]

what I challenged myself to do today…

I am going to warn you… I’m being 100% vulnerable today.   First, in what I challenged myself to do;  secondly, by sharing it with the world (ok maybe not the entire world). <<<get ready to laugh>>> I challenged myself to make Omelettes today.  Probably the simplest of breakfast meals, but for me…. “all things […]

my biggest inspiration

I’d lie if I told you I’ve never felt like my business was in ruins sometimes.  There are times, weeks at a time even, where I feel like I’m failing miserably!  It happens.  Sometimes the grand idea I had doesn’t do anything except cost me time & energy, and sometimes money!  and it leaves me […]

your platform awaits you, my dear

Last Spring my good friend Robbin gave me some advice that has stuck with me.   God seems to bring it up to me ALOT.  She has been such a positive influence on me… but honestly, I disagreed with her on this one. She told me that God had given me a platform.  Yeah, I […]

building people, not businesses

The other day I ran across a Zig Ziglar quote that I just connected with.  Immediately I realized that IT (the logic in the quote) was possibly the MAIN reason some people just never succeed in business (direct sales or not).   and I just haven’t been able to shake it, so I’ll share: Great, […]

Scent-a-Claus party

I’m not real sure how I came up with the idea… but I decided to use a play on the words Santa Claus, and merge our awesome Scentsy business… and I came up with Scent~a~Claus.  And I had a Scent-a-Claus party with my long-distance Scentsy family in Baton Rouge last week!  It was GREAT!!!! There […]

My “flop list”

As I get closer to the end of this year, I’m tormented with thoughts of what I could’ve/should’ve done differently to make this year 2013 even more of a success. Not just business wise, but in ALL aspects of my life. There’s definitely some places I don’t feel great about! But I am just making […]

I just changed a diaper, did you??!!!

I’m really quirky when it comes to analogies!  But in my simple head… they work!  Here’s one I just came up a little while ago for a training call I was guest speaking on. (yeah, they haven’t called me back to do another one yet, LOL!) What if doing some tasks as a leader in […]