getting your Scentsy business in SHAPE!

Ok, somethings are just easier said than done! I’m with you on that!😉 Take a look at how getting your Scentsy biz in tip-top shape is actually more familiar to you than you ever realize….

tasks to make you more successful

You WANT to be successful, but don’t have a clue what to do to get there. I totally get ya! 💚 I’ve been there. I’ve wondered what all the 6 figure earners were doing RIGHT NOW! I felt like if I just knew, I’d share the same results! Do you think like that? That’s the […]

see opportunity everywhere

The successful ones are the ones who see opportunity everywhere… The waitress you forgot to give a sample to.  The ballpark mom who didn’t know you sold Scentsy. The bank teller who didn’t smell your no.09 hand cream. The family friend who didn’t know Scentsy did fundraisers.   Rethink how you see the opportunities in your […]

meeting your quota using what you sell

Having trouble meeting the 3 month quota for staying ACTIVE with Scentsy?  $150 for 3 months may seem like a lot if you don’t have customers.  But usually if you USE what you sell…. then people will notice & ask you to buy for them.    Here’s the Quota defined:       Below you […]

salary or commission?

Did you know that as Scentsy consultants, we ARE NOT ON SALARY.  True statement! We work off of commission! A fact we all know, but maybe forget from time to time. Each day, your activity and the things you DO is what makes you a paycheck. **** No activity = no paycheck ***** Little activity […]

3 things successful, home-based business owners do each day

As a Scentsy SuperStar Director… it’s tough balancing personal life with personal business. Then, to top it all off, we have to juggle our personal sales and inspiring our teams. Oh, and what about coaching your hostesses, and helping our newest recruits? And then JUST as you think you are getting ahead, you realize that your hubby […]

…..purple droppings

I’m mentioned it so many times already, but can I say just once more…. REUNION ROCKED!  Scentsy Family Reunion in St. Louis was awesome in so many ways! One of the things mentioned at Reunion is on my heart today, so I’m going to share it! Do you leave purple droppings behind you? Now before […]

Monday Motivation- the question

I’m knee deep in junk….  I decided to declutter my study.  I never realized how big of a chore it would be.  Between my hubby’s things (GRACIOUS!!!!), our home paperwork, family records, homeschool and my scentsy stuff…… I’m surprised we could even get in this room at all!   And the sad things is that […]

my line in the sand

The day before Scentsy Family Reunion I had the privilege of speaking in front of a group of major superstars!  The room held Directors-SuperStar Directors, many who have inspired me for years!   My topic was “Keeping Your Team Engaged” and I spoke form the heart, with passion, about everything I wanted to speak on. […]

Monday Motivation- deposits & withdrawals of your business

I cannot wait to stay home long enough to finally have time to share all of the things I’m learning!  It’s been trip after trip this month.  But I’ve had a thought on my heart about expecting more from our business than we put into it.  What an unhealthy routine to get into.  It sure […]