I wasn’t good enough

I can remember being sure I was a failure in everyone’s eyes.  I had always felt like I didn’t measure up.  Like the best of my best still left so much room for improvement.  The straight A’s, the awards in piano, the OCD clean room, chores done right and on time, none of this mattered…. […]

compare or not to compare???

to compare or not to compare???  That seems to be the question.  Is it healthy or not?   you see posts like this all the time: but when it all comes down to it….  I feel like God uses people in my life to help me see where I need to GROW. Yeah, I get […]

why I can’t live without pizap

I’m sure alot of you are more creative than I am… but hey! I’ve found an ‘out’!  Just incase there’s more ungifted people out there…. I thought I’d share my ‘cheat sheet’.  haha I feel like a picture is STILL worth 1,000 words… and I’m a firm believer that even though we are grown adults, […]


  Today, is part 2 of how I cheer in my Scentsy business….. THIRD CHARACTERISTIC OF A CHEERLEADER… She attends ALL the games,  rain or shine… home or away.  Winning or LOSING STREAK!  If the team’s there,,, SO IS SHE!!!  Here’s one of the biggest problems with so-called ‘leaders’.  They pick & choose when they […]

How to cheer your team onto success, part 1

  So are ya ready to cheer??  Did you really go through those 5 characteristics of a cheerleader yesterday, and get them down..  You HAVE to get them down, or this won’t work!   It’s essential. So I promised to go into more detail about how I cheer in my business… FIRST THINGS FIRST… (this […]

How to be a cheerleader & change a life

  I should preface this by saying that I never cheered, ever.  I actually was homeschooled and always thought it would’ve been the MOST FUN EVER!  I can remember going to those football games as a young girl, watching the beautiful cheerleaders and thinking how fun their ‘job’ was! But here I am, at 31… […]