That kind of friend

“I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”   ― Abraham Lincoln   Here’s one of the quotes shared with us during Scentsy leadership retreat in Cancun.  It is soooo good when you think of it. Will Luke say one day…. ” […]

where’s the F.I.R.E.?

Gosh, you wouldn’t BELIEVE how many notes I have from Scentsy leadership in Cancun!  But there’s a few trainings I heard there, that I don’t need to look back at my notes for! Mary Christensen, one of my most favorite D.S professionals, inspired me once again in Cancun!  She trained on another subject for a […]

I’m back!!

I feel so bad that I’ve neglected this blog for a week!  But let me tell you, it was such an awesome week!!!  I was on the Scentsy leadership retreat in gorgeous Cancun, Mexico with my cutie-pie hubby, Marcus!  I am so blessed to have earned the trip for free, and to go and network […]

my biggest inspiration

I’d lie if I told you I’ve never felt like my business was in ruins sometimes.  There are times, weeks at a time even, where I feel like I’m failing miserably!  It happens.  Sometimes the grand idea I had doesn’t do anything except cost me time & energy, and sometimes money!  and it leaves me […]

your platform awaits you, my dear

Last Spring my good friend Robbin gave me some advice that has stuck with me.   God seems to bring it up to me ALOT.  She has been such a positive influence on me… but honestly, I disagreed with her on this one. She told me that God had given me a platform.  Yeah, I […]

Scent-a-Claus party

I’m not real sure how I came up with the idea… but I decided to use a play on the words Santa Claus, and merge our awesome Scentsy business… and I came up with Scent~a~Claus.  And I had a Scent-a-Claus party with my long-distance Scentsy family in Baton Rouge last week!  It was GREAT!!!! There […]

I just changed a diaper, did you??!!!

I’m really quirky when it comes to analogies!  But in my simple head… they work!  Here’s one I just came up a little while ago for a training call I was guest speaking on. (yeah, they haven’t called me back to do another one yet, LOL!) What if doing some tasks as a leader in […]

JUST the right people, at the right time

  Every now & again, someone throws ya for a loop. Well, yesterday, at my Scentsy team meeting, I had one of those moments. I had just wrapped up a sold out scentsy team meeting at Ryan’s, and was floored when one of my Director’s, April, handed me a card.  I thought it was for […]

Planning = succeeding

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Take the time to prepare yourself for success.” — Jennifer Glacken I relate to this quote so much, because it has been true in my life and business! My home parties are better when I prepare the night before… My homeschooling day is better when I […]

what’s holding you back from hitting director

My director and I chatted a few minutes tonight about a very touchy subject!   It’s a sensitive topic because everyone has their own opinions and views.  We were talking about leadership, and how people try to complicate things.  She told me about how when she was climbing the ladder to director in her Scentsy […]