who’s in charge here?

Yesterday, I wrote some about how to successfully prepare to be away from your office some during the summer.   I gave real examples of a voicemail and an auto reply for your email.   Today I want to focus on another way to prepare…. This time, it has to do more with your team […]

preparing to take time off

As we gear up for summer, it’s EXTREMELY important we COMMUNICATE with those who rely on us.  After all, if we worked for someone else, we would have certain things that needed to be done BEFORE we took off for a day or two.  And being business owners with a direct sales company is really […]

the why problem

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve mentored direct sellers and the ‘why problem’ comes up.   So that’s a real deal-breaker, for sure.  Especially when you’re trying to jump start your business or do something like, EARN A FREE CANCUN VACATION!!! So, when I’m mentoring someone –  the first thing I ask them to […]


I promised to share some of the neat things I’ve ben working on here lately.  I’ll start by sharing our LDU, or Leadership Development University!  I’m soooo excited about this program!  It’s launched March 1st, but I began working on the program MONTHS before that.  Jacquelyn Roy, an amazing Scentsy SuperStar director has been gracious […]

Dealing with H.C.P.- part 2

Yesterday I left you hanging with telling you all about how to deal with conflicts, and even how to tell if you are dealing with a H.C.P (high-conflict-personality).  I admitted to you, that SOMETIMES, I have a HCP with my hubby.  =(  Not that any of you thought I was perfect, but it’s still hard […]

Top income generating tasks, by Scentsy SuperStar directors!!!

Three of my directors in Scentsy have asked me to help them figure out what to do to get them to SuperStar Director (the highest rank in Scentsy compensation plan).  And although I feel passionate about each task I do for my business, I really wanted to see how ‘everyone else’ did it;  just so […]

it’s GIVEAWAY time!!!

I’m PRAYING this week is a much healthier one for Luke & I.  Last week was simply awful!  But so far, we have been getting better each day…. and the sun is shining outside, with much warmer temps promised….  That’s enough to get me excited!!! Last week while I was too sick to leave the […]

why postcards?

This week, I’ve been sick with the crud:  massive sore throat, headache, body aches, cough, no sleep, on & on…  And so I’ve been doing little things around the house that doesn’t take much energy.  I’ve fallen in LOVE again with these postcards I got form Vistaprint.com ….  here’s a peek at how I use […]

a real Scentsy star!!!

I’m so honored to present a very special Scentsy sista…  who just PROMOTED to Scentsy Director!!!   I’m so proud of her team, and leadership!   I’m so excited that Scentsy brought our lives together… she’s a real inspiration to all she meets!  Read her Scentsy story: I began my Scentsy Journey in May 2010. […]