Leadership of Love – enjoy the journey with someone!

I’m been known to overthink my job as someone’s leader or sponsor.  I rob myself of the JOY when I overthink my leadership. —> It’s supposed to be the most natural & fun thing in the world! <— Here are some ideas I’ve personally used to help me become the leader my team DESERVES:


Why wait to mentor someone in Leadership when they become a director? Why not start mentoring them when SCENTSY considers them a leader: at their Lead Promotion!!!! By helping a LEAD become a confident LEADER, then you are setting them up for TREMENDOUSLY SUCCESS when they become a DIRECTOR!  Here’s how I start mentoring my […]

chin up, superstar!

WARNING!!! As you become more & more successful, people WILL be jealous of you, your accomplishments, your rewards. They won’t see your hard work & will instead act like you “got lucky”. 💗Let them💗 Don’t even give it any mind. The MEANEST people in your path are just the ones who can’t be HAPPY for […]

play your own instrument

There are few things I have to tell myself almost daily.  One of them is simply that giving 100% is enough.   Trying to be the best mom, wife, leader, etc… is ONE thing.  But at some point, I have to be able to look into the mirror and just be OK with who I am.    […]

6 super tips for building a successful team

Ok, we all get it, don’t we?  Sales are our income for today….. recruiting/sponsoring is our income for a lifetime! Yes, that’s insanely true, but whomever came up with that awesome quote maybe left out an important fact: you have to somehow maintain.   Our teams don’t run well for long on autopilot.  It’s up […]

best paid in the biz!

It’s a fact: the fastest promoting (and best paid) Scentsy consultants in our group are the ones who DO NOT THINK OF THEMSELVES. They lead & mentor to help OTHER promote and make good $$. If you are struggling to promote and make great $….. 1) Take an inward look and make sure your motives […]

would you follow the leader….

I LOVE when people confide in me.  About business or personal.  It makes me feel so special that they trust me with their ideas, or stories.  And in the last couple of weeks,  I’ve heard so many different people talk about their leaders.   It’s kinda strange actually…  how many different times it’s come up […]

my line in the sand

The day before Scentsy Family Reunion I had the privilege of speaking in front of a group of major superstars!  The room held Directors-SuperStar Directors, many who have inspired me for years!   My topic was “Keeping Your Team Engaged” and I spoke form the heart, with passion, about everything I wanted to speak on. […]

skittles and laughs

Last week was the amazing 2014 Scentsy Family Reunion! I’m still trying to process all of the amazing content we learned!  Good training and great speakers!  I’m mentally exhausted from all of the ideas and tips that were shared! One of the things that was shared several times throughout Reunion was to simply, “bring the […]