Leadership of Love – 4 simple tips part 1

Today, it really hit me how much time I save by doing certain things, or NOT doing them.  Living SMART is what I call it.  When I can CREATE an extra 15 minutes in my day, then THAT is SMART.  Here’s 4 different quick tips to help you “find more time” in your day!  2 […]

Leadership of Love – enjoy the journey with someone!

I’m been known to overthink my job as someone’s leader or sponsor.  I rob myself of the JOY when I overthink my leadership. —> It’s supposed to be the most natural & fun thing in the world! <— Here are some ideas I’ve personally used to help me become the leader my team DESERVES:

Leadership of Love – contour vs mom bun

Providing an environment of LOVE is the key to having a successful team.  In this video, I’m going to “get real” with something that I feel is holding us back from providing real, authentic love.  First to ourselves, then to our teams! Here’s the app I mentioned: Good luck leading your team with LOTS OF […]

Leadership of Love – look around

  Ok, let’s get real.  Sometimes, it’s hard to get up the courage to be a leader.  Maybe it’s because we feel like personal failures, don’t have any fresh ideas, or maybe it’s because of THIS: Click here to see where I got my hand-dandy, over the door organizers!!! Also, see this & many other […]

launching LEADERSHIP of LOVE

Something has been on my heart for a while now.  And in the last few weeks, God has confirmed it over & over again.  I’m to start a new journey sharing leadership ideas.  I fought it internally for so long because I don’t feel “equipped” or “naturally gifted” in this area.  But I am SURE […]