multi-tasking life

Today is Facebook free Friday for me!!!  It’s my chance to not feel ‘torn’ between answering emails & surfing the newsfeed on FB.  I won’t feel guilty for the amount of time I’ve wasted, because Friday is my LAST CHANCE to end the week well!   I’ll start my FAMILY FRIDAY at noon today, and […]

my biggest inspiration

I’d lie if I told you I’ve never felt like my business was in ruins sometimes.  There are times, weeks at a time even, where I feel like I’m failing miserably!  It happens.  Sometimes the grand idea I had doesn’t do anything except cost me time & energy, and sometimes money!  and it leaves me […]

gearing up for my proud moment on 12/31/14

2014 is going to be awesome!  I feel it!  I already feel incredibly motivated.  Not to make so many changes or to change directions.  But actually to just do what I already do….  WAY BETTER!    To become more successful in the things I already put my hand to. Yesterday, and the day before, I […]

today feels like Monday

My last show of the year is behind me, and I’m feeling pretty awesome.  Tired, but great.   I LOVE what I do… but I LOVE being home right now. Last night, we got back on the road (1.5 hr drive one way) to take Luke to see the Bellingrath Gardens Christmas lights, and we […]

My “flop list”

As I get closer to the end of this year, I’m tormented with thoughts of what I could’ve/should’ve done differently to make this year 2013 even more of a success. Not just business wise, but in ALL aspects of my life. There’s definitely some places I don’t feel great about! But I am just making […]

A year ago today…

One year ago today, we moved out of our home. We had 2 days warning. You see, ServPro confirmed that the spot on the wall behind the cabinet in the kitchen was black mold, and it had to go. It and the entire 8 ft interior wall along with another 4 ft section of the […]