Monday Motivation- live better/start now

I look for pretty much any reason to start over, or afresh.  New Year’s Day, every quarter, and each new season, even each Monday.  I love to revamp EVERY SINGLE part of my life often.  Take inventory of what isn’t working.  Strive to add good ideas and practices into daily routines.  Make deals with myself […]

some days….

Oh, I need to get my thoughts written out.   To help heal my heart!   Today was one of those awful days… you know the kind. Where even the simplest tasks are met with opposition and struggle.   And hormones and nerves make the tiniest matter seem like a catastrophe! Well, and then there ARE […]

Monday Motivation- the balancing act

Running a home, family, and a biz can be over-whelming!   Here’s some ideas to get you organized in all areas, so you can be JUST AS SUCCESSFUL AT SCENTSY as you are as a spouse & parent! Hope you decide to do even just 1 of these ideas starting THIS WEEK! Even TODAY! Remember, big […]

my line in the sand

The day before Scentsy Family Reunion I had the privilege of speaking in front of a group of major superstars!  The room held Directors-SuperStar Directors, many who have inspired me for years!   My topic was “Keeping Your Team Engaged” and I spoke form the heart, with passion, about everything I wanted to speak on. […]

where have I been?

Oh gosh, I’m too embarrassed to even look to see when the last time I wrote in my blog!  I cringe when I think about how long it’s been.  Where have I been?  Well, same ole same ole…. *Homeschooling (yippee! we finished for the SUMMER 2 wks ago…. you know we begin in July, so […]

Dealing with H.C.P.- part 2

Yesterday I left you hanging with telling you all about how to deal with conflicts, and even how to tell if you are dealing with a H.C.P (high-conflict-personality).  I admitted to you, that SOMETIMES, I have a HCP with my hubby.  =(  Not that any of you thought I was perfect, but it’s still hard […]

a little scent-pak

Yesterday was the National Random Acts of Kindness Day!  And I don’t know about you, but we get VERY EXCITED about giving back to someone, stranger or not!  I always involve Luke in it, and that even makes it more enjoyable!!!   I think blessing a stranger can be even more rewarding than someone you […]

RIP “snicker”

Yesterday was a very sad day here at the Godwin home.  Our beloved goat Snicker has been ill for about a week… falling over for no reason, unable to get back up, not wanting to eat, not very responsive or alert.  The b12 and antibiotic just didn’t seem to help much.  And even bringing him […]

winning his heart

Recently, as I was scanning my Facebook newsfeed, I ran across a post from a girl I’ve only met once.  And I’ve never met any of her family.  I don’ know anything about her.  But I immediately was drawn to her post: He makes me smile. He loves God . He can fix anything. He […]

That kind of friend

“I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”   ― Abraham Lincoln   Here’s one of the quotes shared with us during Scentsy leadership retreat in Cancun.  It is soooo good when you think of it. Will Luke say one day…. ” […]