does he remember?

oh man!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted.   Sometimes life gets in the way, and that’s a beautiful thing!    But this is one of my favorite places to just empty my heart out.   Talk about what’s on my mind, when I get a chance to write it out.   Last night, […]

why hold back?

I’ve been asked to share my “Scentsy story” many times.  (This isn’t going to be one of them though) But my fun journey with this INCREDIBLE company all stems from one RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS. I never tell my story without it.  Cause there would be no story to tell. I learned about Scentsy because […]

chin up, superstar!

WARNING!!! As you become more & more successful, people WILL be jealous of you, your accomplishments, your rewards. They won’t see your hard work & will instead act like you “got lucky”. 💗Let them💗 Don’t even give it any mind. The MEANEST people in your path are just the ones who can’t be HAPPY for […]

play your own instrument

There are few things I have to tell myself almost daily.  One of them is simply that giving 100% is enough.   Trying to be the best mom, wife, leader, etc… is ONE thing.  But at some point, I have to be able to look into the mirror and just be OK with who I am.    […]


TGIM – yeah I’m weird, but I see Monday as a fresh start (like Jan. 1st) set some new week resolutions!!! Eat healthier, exercise more, drink more water, be kinder, be more patient, make TONS more money, laugh more, smile often to strangers.               Don’t fear this.  EMBRACE it. […]

meeting your quota using what you sell

Having trouble meeting the 3 month quota for staying ACTIVE with Scentsy?  $150 for 3 months may seem like a lot if you don’t have customers.  But usually if you USE what you sell…. then people will notice & ask you to buy for them.    Here’s the Quota defined:       Below you […]

life is messy

Sometimes life is messy.  for everyone.   No, we don’t always put our mess on facebook, and most of us have been raised to answer “good” when asked how we are doing.  But it doesn’t mean everything is good.   This is how my desk looks right now, and pretty much every day, at any given […]

thanking God for my fender-bender

Life has been in the fast lane for the last few months….  and I’ve struggled to keep up with it.  As a result, my writing has been on the back burner…….  but I’m COMMITTED to this, cause God’s laid it on my heart.  And it’s good for me, to think out my thoughts, and get […]

Monday Motivation- 100 reasons VS 1

My Monday Motivation: when you think of 100 reasons why you can’t mentor & lead your team……. remind yourself of the 1 person who needs you today. when you think of 100 reasons why you aren’t a good parent……  remember the children who rely on you today. when you think of 100 reasons why you […]