Promoting yourself OFF~LINE

As I am cleaning out, and reorganizing my study (Ok, well, decluttering), I’m finding things I had forgotten ALL about.  Good things.  Ideas that I used at the beginning of my Scentsy journey, that helped.  Like BIG TIME!   Silly me!  I had completely forgotten all about some of these ideas!   And maybe that’s why […]

good-bye Grace Adele, but before you go…..

Have you heard???!!!!!! Grace Adele, Scentsy sister company, is closing.  Sad news!  But as businesses close, we get to take advantage of some pretty ah-mazing “Store-Closing-specials”, right??!! If you don’t have a GA consultant…. then I’d love to be your girl!  for a complete list of closeout specials, visit my site:  Here’s just a […]

open for business

As I spend this time of year REVAMPING my business, I am reminded that it is MY job to make sure I show my customers that I’m “Open for Business”.  When you work from home, it’s not as easy as putting a sign on the door! And I’m cool with that! (because that means I’m […]

Summer Referral Program

Every now & then, I re-evaluate my business… I check the income, the customer base, the recruiting, the team sales & activity, and director activity.  I do this to see how I can improve myself, and my business.    I almost NEVER love what I see, and it drives me to reinvent myself, my leadership, […]

the why problem

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve mentored direct sellers and the ‘why problem’ comes up.   So that’s a real deal-breaker, for sure.  Especially when you’re trying to jump start your business or do something like, EARN A FREE CANCUN VACATION!!! So, when I’m mentoring someone –  the first thing I ask them to […]

fun & EASY sales booster idea!

If your May calendar is looking empty, try this :::: Have a Host of the Month Club. 1) Find six people who commit to purchasing 25 PRV in product per month. 2) Make a schedule designating each person the Host for two months out of the year. 3) Every month you would have one 150 […]

what to do when you’re barely making the minimum

We are embarking on some pretty dry months are direct sellers….  it’s harder to get sales during ball season & summer.  But it CAN be done, and there’s so many people making it happen.  PLUS, for we Scentsy Family reps, there’s awesome perks when leaders reach $500 PRV!  For instance, we recieve a BONUS on […]

best Scentsy catalog ever!

Since March 1st, I’ve been so crazy busy in my Scentsy business!  This new catalog is honestly the best ever!  And it shows!  My hostesses are collecting DOUBLE the average orders, my customers are calling me to order extra, and the fundraisers I’ve had so far this month have been extraordinary!  I’m so excited!!!  Here’s […]

How about adding some fun for your customers?

I have the MOST creative and awesome Scentsy family!  Look at what one of my rock stars came up with!!! (Thanks Jonnine Trochesset for sharing this amazing idea with me!!!!) SCENTSY EGG HUNT!!!!!! but you could make it into any brand egg hunt!  Love this idea!!! “I put half a lid of Scentsy washer whiffs […]

why postcards?

This week, I’ve been sick with the crud:  massive sore throat, headache, body aches, cough, no sleep, on & on…  And so I’ve been doing little things around the house that doesn’t take much energy.  I’ve fallen in LOVE again with these postcards I got form ….  here’s a peek at how I use […]