Business Card Labels

Business Card Labels….  um, hello awesome!   Not kidding, this is probably the coolest idea EVER! Click here to create & order from the same place I got mine! here’s a quick video to show you how FANTASTIC these are!

Warmer Wednesday!

I love our Scentsy warmers! The quality is INCREDIBLE! + Add onto that a LIFETIME WARRANTY, and it’s too good to pass up! BUT WAIT!  It’s on SALE, and that makes it IRRESISTIBLE! Here’s my 2 featured warmers of the week: Want to see more of what I have MARKED DOWN right now?  Visit my […]

how to recycle your old business supplies….

As you get ready to transition into the new Spring/Summer catalog March 1st….  you may be wondering what to do with all those old supplies from the fall/winter! Here’s a short video showing you ALL of my ideas of what to do with old catalogs, old testers, old flyers, etc…. Here’s the stickers I use […]

counter clean samples

Every now & then, I just want to try something new!  Today was one of those days! Look what we made!   I usually get my mini spray bottles from Click here to order spray bottles in the size you see in my video!!! Here are my labels if you’d like to make your own […]

be remembered…. says “The more someone hears or sees your name, the greater chances they’ll remember it.” I like to think that my customers know my website from memory, but the cold, hard facts are…. they may not.  I need to intentionally put systems in place to make this happen!  Today, I got out of my […]

Fundraising part 2

Yesterday, I chatted a little about WHY fundraisers are a blessing to me & my Scentsy business!  I also shared part 1 of my fundraising training, walking you through EVERY aspect of fundraisers.  (missed that? get caught up with part 1 here!) Here’s part 2:  Now you are ready to start your next FUNDRAISER!!!!!  It’s […]

building your customer base with daycares

I sometimes get messages from frustrated home-based business owners…. discouraged because they have NO CUSTOMER base.  No one buys from them. Then, they watch trainings where the speaker gives them challenges starting with reaching out to their 5 best customers.  What if there isn’t 5?  or 2? Well, I’ve been there.  (really)  And I would like […]


Everyone loves a game!  And a game that helps you get a bigger paycheck… SCORE!!!! I just started BINGO with my Scentsy team last night! WHAT FUN!!!  (Thank you April Croley for the inspiration and details, and for answering my questions!) Own a Scentsy business??  Want to play?  Do it with us! (no prize given […]

…..purple droppings

I’m mentioned it so many times already, but can I say just once more…. REUNION ROCKED!  Scentsy Family Reunion in St. Louis was awesome in so many ways! One of the things mentioned at Reunion is on my heart today, so I’m going to share it! Do you leave purple droppings behind you? Now before […]

back-to-school ideas for your biz!

Today isn’t Monday, but I’ve still got some Monday motivation for you!   Think like a business owner today, and focus on TEACHERS!!!! They’ve been busy for weeks preparing their classrooms, attending meetings, cleaning, organizing, getting ready for students. Today, think of ways that YOUR BUSINESS can be an extra special blessing for them  (remember […]