how to recycle your old business supplies….

As you get ready to transition into the new Spring/Summer catalog March 1st….  you may be wondering what to do with all those old supplies from the fall/winter! Here’s a short video showing you ALL of my ideas of what to do with old catalogs, old testers, old flyers, etc…. Here’s the stickers I use […]

the why problem

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve mentored direct sellers and the ‘why problem’ comes up.   So that’s a real deal-breaker, for sure.  Especially when you’re trying to jump start your business or do something like, EARN A FREE CANCUN VACATION!!! So, when I’m mentoring someone –  the first thing I ask them to […]

my new Scentsy “why”

I’ve been in scentsy 5 years, 1 month and 3 days, to be EXACT!!!  =)  And I can’t tell you all of the GAIN (financial, emotional, and more!) that I’ve received as a result of taking this thing seriously!!!  It’s unreal!!! The trips, the paychecks, the friendships, the personal growth, and SOOO much more!!!! But […]

how does it look where you are going?

      I’m a forward facing person.  It’s not anything I can take credit for… it’s in my genes.    I am constantly looking toward tomorrow, next month, next year, and so on.   I rarely look behind unless I’m taking inventory of what I can change to make tomorrow look better. (there’s a […]

how I invest for long-term success

One of the things that hurts small home based business owners the most is not thinking of the business as a business.  Thinking of your business as “side money” is a sure-fire way to make some major mistakes.  I LOVE this quote (& many others from Dave Ramsey) So here are my thoughts and a […]

get business supplies & your flight to convention free…

Today I was talking to someone on the phone and realized ONCE AGAIN, how very important it is to make small, everyday choices wisely.   This is extremely important when running a small business. A lot of times it’s so easy to say,” I don’t have the money.” When we really should say, “I had […]