Fundraising part 2

Yesterday, I chatted a little about WHY fundraisers are a blessing to me & my Scentsy business!  I also shared part 1 of my fundraising training, walking you through EVERY aspect of fundraisers.  (missed that? get caught up with part 1 here!) Here’s part 2:  Now you are ready to start your next FUNDRAISER!!!!!  It’s […]

Fundraising part 1

One of the most rewarding part of my Scentsy business has been doing fundraisers for people & organizations!  Knowing I have played a part (although small) in their journey makes me feel AMAZING!  I can’t get enough!  I’m always on the hunt for someone else to help!  But even on the ‘strictly business’ side of things, […]

skittles and laughs

Last week was the amazing 2014 Scentsy Family Reunion! I’m still trying to process all of the amazing content we learned!  Good training and great speakers!  I’m mentally exhausted from all of the ideas and tips that were shared! One of the things that was shared several times throughout Reunion was to simply, “bring the […]

Fighting for Bailey

Drug addiction, alcohol, and crime have taken priority in the lives of Bailey’s parents since her birth. She is now 6 and her father is still incarcerated. A very sad story, but thank God the story doesn’t end there…. The Gallatin Family, good friends of ours, has given her a home through all of this, […]

Bring Tommy Home

The perk of being a Scentsy rep for me, has been meeting some of the most INCREDIBLE people!   Hearing their stories and seeing their journey makes ME inspired to be a better person, and make a bigger difference! One of those times was just about a week ago when I first heard of Debbie […]

first things first when fundraising~

Tis the season for fundraisers!  They’re everywhere!  So hopefully, if you’re a home business owner, you’re offering your products to local businesses and ball teams and non-profits, too! If you haven’t gotten a fundraiser, it could be you haven’t ask enough people!  I fundraiser for ANY organization or individual!  Whether it’s a girl needing a […]