sip-n-scent event

Toss your old fashioned home parties OUT THE WINDOW & take your business to the coffee shop (or panera bread, ect…) For more ideas, click SUBSCRIBE to follow me on Youtube & here on my blog! CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON in the video~     keep me posted on your success!  I cannot WAIT to […]

life is messy

Sometimes life is messy.  for everyone.   No, we don’t always put our mess on facebook, and most of us have been raised to answer “good” when asked how we are doing.  But it doesn’t mean everything is good.   This is how my desk looks right now, and pretty much every day, at any given […]

getting back into the swing of things….

Whew! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog of mine….  and I’ve never been more ready to get back to it!   Taking this year off wasn’t by choice, but more like SURVIVAL.  I won’t go into all of the things that transpired in our ‘crazy’ year…. but I will say […]

getting motivation from Heidi!

I constantly surround myself with people that inspire me!  Even if I have to read books or watch videos.  And I ran across this video from our amazing Heidi Thompson,  President, Director, & Co-owner of Scentsy!   What an inspiration she has always been to me!  And this video shows how REAL she is, and how, […]

some days….

Oh, I need to get my thoughts written out.   To help heal my heart!   Today was one of those awful days… you know the kind. Where even the simplest tasks are met with opposition and struggle.   And hormones and nerves make the tiniest matter seem like a catastrophe! Well, and then there ARE […]

Hey business woman, What’s for supper?

Remember a few weeks ago, I shared some Monday Motivation about getting organized as a business owner?  Oh yea, and not making other areas of your life SUFFER while you chase your dream of success?  Yeah, the balancing act!  Click here if you missed that post!  Well, I hope you’re taking one or two of […]

your mindset determines your success

We are all geared differently.  But one thing is true no matter your personality:   what you tell yourself is what you become.   I truly believe that is why so many people never achieve their dreams.  Or lose the weight.  Or pursue that career. It may be as simple as getting to the place […]

Scentsy Training Opportunity- Pensacola, FL

Guess what??!!!!!!!!  We’re putting on a direct sales training that you aren’t going to want to miss!  Here’s some info:      Training Topics include, but are not limited to the following: Winning Incentive Trips with Simple Fundraisers Recruiting  BACON TIME Jumpstarting Your Business New Catalog/Fall & Winter Products   now for the fine print……. […]

Monday Motivation- the balancing act

Running a home, family, and a biz can be over-whelming!   Here’s some ideas to get you organized in all areas, so you can be JUST AS SUCCESSFUL AT SCENTSY as you are as a spouse & parent! Hope you decide to do even just 1 of these ideas starting THIS WEEK! Even TODAY! Remember, big […]

no average home party!

Here’s some ideas I came up with last May to help BOOST our sales & up the FUN FACTOR at our events! Grab a pen & paper, and get ready to write down some ideas!     Now, I challenge you to pick one of the ideas form the video and CALL 5 people and […]