how Luke came into the Cherry family

This month is National Adoption Month, and we are coming up on National Adoption Day…  and God’s laid on my heart to fund families on their adoption journey.  So far, our fundraisers have raised over $2,000 in JUST 10 days!!!  I’m so excited to see how God’s going to bless in the days to come! […]

Luke learns: you cannot out-give God

Our family has tried to focused on giving so much more this past year or so.  And part of that process was encouraging Luke and my step sons, Landon (17) & Lane (15) to ‘watch for needs themselves‘.   We simply shared why it’s important to look for ways to be a blessing, not just […]

sometimes a miracle comes in different forms!

A miracle can come in different shapes & sizes… and for Kathy & Clay Meyer, their miracle would be the child they’ve wanted for so long…  here’s there story:       Thank you for taking the time to read our story. I was blessed about ten years ago when I married my best friend […]

this is how I can help!

  I’m looking for adoption fundraisers, no ones needs are too small or large! If you know someone looking to adopt, or someone who’s already adopted… I’d like to help fund their amazing cause! Please help me find at least 4 worthy families!! I would love to have 4 families by November 23rd, National Adoption […]