saying thanks to the ones who made me who I am…

I am a better person because of a few certain people.  You probably could say the same. Maybe they took time with you as a child.  Or helped you learn a valuable lesson about life.  Maybe they gave you the confidence you needed to make a big decision.  Or their support helped you through a […]


Everyone loves a game!  And a game that helps you get a bigger paycheck… SCORE!!!! I just started BINGO with my Scentsy team last night! WHAT FUN!!!  (Thank you April Croley for the inspiration and details, and for answering my questions!) Own a Scentsy business??  Want to play?  Do it with us! (no prize given […]

would you follow the leader….

I LOVE when people confide in me.  About business or personal.  It makes me feel so special that they trust me with their ideas, or stories.  And in the last couple of weeks,  I’ve heard so many different people talk about their leaders.   It’s kinda strange actually…  how many different times it’s come up […]

…..purple droppings

I’m mentioned it so many times already, but can I say just once more…. REUNION ROCKED!  Scentsy Family Reunion in St. Louis was awesome in so many ways! One of the things mentioned at Reunion is on my heart today, so I’m going to share it! Do you leave purple droppings behind you? Now before […]

MONDAY MOTIVATION-need a script?

              All good things must be shared, right? The same way you don’t miss an opportunity to tell your friends about your new favorite new drink, or movie, or makeup!   Or even a perfect stranger, if the subject comes up…. you’ll share your favorites without hesitation! And for […]

back-to-school ideas for your biz!

Today isn’t Monday, but I’ve still got some Monday motivation for you!   Think like a business owner today, and focus on TEACHERS!!!! They’ve been busy for weeks preparing their classrooms, attending meetings, cleaning, organizing, getting ready for students. Today, think of ways that YOUR BUSINESS can be an extra special blessing for them  (remember […]

Promoting yourself OFF~LINE

As I am cleaning out, and reorganizing my study (Ok, well, decluttering), I’m finding things I had forgotten ALL about.  Good things.  Ideas that I used at the beginning of my Scentsy journey, that helped.  Like BIG TIME!   Silly me!  I had completely forgotten all about some of these ideas!   And maybe that’s why […]

Monday Motivation- the question

I’m knee deep in junk….  I decided to declutter my study.  I never realized how big of a chore it would be.  Between my hubby’s things (GRACIOUS!!!!), our home paperwork, family records, homeschool and my scentsy stuff…… I’m surprised we could even get in this room at all!   And the sad things is that […]

Monday Motivation- the balancing act

Running a home, family, and a biz can be over-whelming!   Here’s some ideas to get you organized in all areas, so you can be JUST AS SUCCESSFUL AT SCENTSY as you are as a spouse & parent! Hope you decide to do even just 1 of these ideas starting THIS WEEK! Even TODAY! Remember, big […]

skittles and laughs

Last week was the amazing 2014 Scentsy Family Reunion! I’m still trying to process all of the amazing content we learned!  Good training and great speakers!  I’m mentally exhausted from all of the ideas and tips that were shared! One of the things that was shared several times throughout Reunion was to simply, “bring the […]