TGIM – yeah I’m weird, but I see Monday as a fresh start (like Jan. 1st) set some new week resolutions!!! Eat healthier, exercise more, drink more water, be kinder, be more patient, make TONS more money, laugh more, smile often to strangers.               Don’t fear this.  EMBRACE it. […]

Scentsy bath bar samples

I’m honestly a little obsessed with samples.   At the Ulta store checkout, I get a little beside myself when I realize my purchase qualifies me for a free sample of something.  It doesn’t matter that it’s smaller than a speck…  LOL —>  I just LOVEEEEE it! Maybe that is why I spend time making […]

meeting your quota using what you sell

Having trouble meeting the 3 month quota for staying ACTIVE with Scentsy?  $150 for 3 months may seem like a lot if you don’t have customers.  But usually if you USE what you sell…. then people will notice & ask you to buy for them.    Here’s the Quota defined:       Below you […]

Business Card Labels

Business Card Labels….  um, hello awesome!   Not kidding, this is probably the coolest idea EVER! Click here to create & order from the same place I got mine! here’s a quick video to show you how FANTASTIC these are!

counter clean samples

Every now & then, I just want to try something new!  Today was one of those days! Look what we made!   I usually get my mini spray bottles from Click here to order spray bottles in the size you see in my video!!! Here are my labels if you’d like to make your own […]

be remembered…. says “The more someone hears or sees your name, the greater chances they’ll remember it.” I like to think that my customers know my website from memory, but the cold, hard facts are…. they may not.  I need to intentionally put systems in place to make this happen!  Today, I got out of my […]

party game that drives home a point

Everything about a “party” should mean “fun”!   Are your events FUN?  How many times do you hear laughter at your events?   My aim at every event is to have FUN with PURPOSE!  Yep, even my team meetings are designed to be FUN!   Here’s a game I play at my events….  play along […]

6 super tips for building a successful team

Ok, we all get it, don’t we?  Sales are our income for today….. recruiting/sponsoring is our income for a lifetime! Yes, that’s insanely true, but whomever came up with that awesome quote maybe left out an important fact: you have to somehow maintain.   Our teams don’t run well for long on autopilot.  It’s up […]

Monday Motivation- 100 reasons VS 1

My Monday Motivation: when you think of 100 reasons why you can’t mentor & lead your team……. remind yourself of the 1 person who needs you today. when you think of 100 reasons why you aren’t a good parent……  remember the children who rely on you today. when you think of 100 reasons why you […]

Rah~Rah Recruiting (part 1)

During 2014 Scentsy Reunion, a presenter, Katie Farner, spoke on recruiting!  I loved her simple ideas, because Ive tested them out along the way in my 5 yr Scentsy journey… and found THEY WORK! So I thought I’d share a few things today and tomorrow about RECRUITING!           1) quit thinking […]