Make your Scentsy Customers feel VIP with just 6 cents

Constantly revamping your Customer Service is the KEY to long term success & FANTASTIC CUSTOMER BASE!   Here are some fun {and CHEAP} ways that I’m revamping…   Im so honored that Emily Parker, Director for team Shocking Scentsational Stars, asked me to go LIVE on her FACEBOOK team page!  What FUN!   I hope you […]

Customer & Sales Booster tip: use it or lose it =)

In direct selling, successful consultants are those who consistently plan ahead!  Today I’m sharing a QUICK tip that you can do TODAY to boost your customer base & paycheck for months to come!  

Tuesday Training Tip 6-28

TUESDAY TRAINING TIP TIME! By Erin Fluharty: (Scentsy director) (Photo inspired by April Day-Croley) star director I share this a lot with my new teammates ! It could be helpful in a way I hadn’t thought of! I know we are always learning from one another! Here is my list of Scentsy success ideas: 1: […]

Tuesday Training Tip 6-21

This Tuesday training tip comes from a very different place of inspiration for me… Take a look! Come back tomorrow to learn a few more tips for my “running a business” series! HUGS! Laura💜

Personal Join Brochures

Creating a system that works is important when you’re the boss of your own business.  It’s a step that some people neglect, and it costs them their success.  Good paychecks & growing businesses aren’t something that happen by chance.  So today, I’m sharing a practice that has landed me many new team members, and has […]

see opportunity everywhere

The successful ones are the ones who see opportunity everywhere… The waitress you forgot to give a sample to.  The ballpark mom who didn’t know you sold Scentsy. The bank teller who didn’t smell your no.09 hand cream. The family friend who didn’t know Scentsy did fundraisers.   Rethink how you see the opportunities in your […]

Scentsy bath bar samples

I’m honestly a little obsessed with samples.   At the Ulta store checkout, I get a little beside myself when I realize my purchase qualifies me for a free sample of something.  It doesn’t matter that it’s smaller than a speck…  LOL —>  I just LOVEEEEE it! Maybe that is why I spend time making […]

Business Card Labels

Business Card Labels….  um, hello awesome!   Not kidding, this is probably the coolest idea EVER! Click here to create & order from the same place I got mine! here’s a quick video to show you how FANTASTIC these are!

SuperStar Recruiting Tip 1

I’ve been asking around for 7 years, and the biggest thing consultants want help with is RECRUITING. So, I’m on a mission to share PROVEN tips that can turn even the shyest into a ROCKSTAR RECRUITER!  Here’s tip #1: Now, your call to action: PURPOSELY look for something to compliment your next cashier on!  Or […]

be remembered…. says “The more someone hears or sees your name, the greater chances they’ll remember it.” I like to think that my customers know my website from memory, but the cold, hard facts are…. they may not.  I need to intentionally put systems in place to make this happen!  Today, I got out of my […]