4 bracelets turned our day around!

I’ve not been feeling so great the last week…  and to add onto that, our church has been in mission’s conference!  And the late nights have been catching up on all of us. So needless to say, homeschool has been affected.  And so have our attitudes.  Luke came up to me yesterday and handed me […]

JUST the right people, at the right time

  Every now & again, someone throws ya for a loop. Well, yesterday, at my Scentsy team meeting, I had one of those moments. I had just wrapped up a sold out scentsy team meeting at Ryan’s, and was floored when one of my Director’s, April, handed me a card.  I thought it was for […]

just a grouchy mess…

You know those days when, you can’t put your finger on it, but you are just grouchy?  Today’s been one of those days for me.  Ever get aggravated at pretty much EVERYTHING?  Well, I’m there.  And I can blame it on my PCOS (which is a pretty valid excuse) and I can justify it by […]

A day in the park!

Whew! I am pooped!  A few hours in the water park, and about 6 in Dolly Wood! The thought on my heart today….  Gratitude.  I’m so thankful I have my health to enjoy making memories with my family!  I saw so many people bound to their scooters because, though they wanted to, their health wouldn’t […]

well, here we go!

Welcome to my blog!  I’ve been burdened to start this blog for some time.  And I’m excited to get it started!   I plan to come here each day to write out my thoughts…  I just know God is going to grow me through this journey!  I hope you’ll join me each step of the […]