does he remember?

oh man!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted.   Sometimes life gets in the way, and that’s a beautiful thing!    But this is one of my favorite places to just empty my heart out.   Talk about what’s on my mind, when I get a chance to write it out.   Last night, […]

thanking God for my fender-bender

Life has been in the fast lane for the last few months….  and I’ve struggled to keep up with it.  As a result, my writing has been on the back burner…….  but I’m COMMITTED to this, cause God’s laid it on my heart.  And it’s good for me, to think out my thoughts, and get […]

saying thanks to the ones who made me who I am…

I am a better person because of a few certain people.  You probably could say the same. Maybe they took time with you as a child.  Or helped you learn a valuable lesson about life.  Maybe they gave you the confidence you needed to make a big decision.  Or their support helped you through a […]

some days….

Oh, I need to get my thoughts written out.   To help heal my heart!   Today was one of those awful days… you know the kind. Where even the simplest tasks are met with opposition and struggle.   And hormones and nerves make the tiniest matter seem like a catastrophe! Well, and then there ARE […]

just for fun….

Sometime in December, I realized that most of the tasks in my business needed REVAMPING.  A lot of the things I started out doing 5 yrs ago, I’m still doing today, and haven’t really tweaked it any!  Then, at Scentsy leadership retreat, in Cancun, they spoke on adding the FUN back into what we do! […]

what began as heartbreak…

About 2 weeks ago, Marcus & I got into it.  (yeah, the Godwins are like everyone else, lol)  I’m not really sure what it was over, but some hurtful things were said, actually really mean things.  And I was devastated! So, when he came to apologize the next morning, I was still hurting and I […]

A year ago today…

One year ago today, we moved out of our home. We had 2 days warning. You see, ServPro confirmed that the spot on the wall behind the cabinet in the kitchen was black mold, and it had to go. It and the entire 8 ft interior wall along with another 4 ft section of the […]

oh my dash

I’ve ran across this poem more than once in the last few weeks… I think I’m supposed to take a hint, and learn from it!  It sure does make you think twice about things.  I thought I’d share it with you…   The Dash -Linda Ellis I read of a man who stood to speak […]

how does it look where you are going?

      I’m a forward facing person.  It’s not anything I can take credit for… it’s in my genes.    I am constantly looking toward tomorrow, next month, next year, and so on.   I rarely look behind unless I’m taking inventory of what I can change to make tomorrow look better. (there’s a […]

Girl #1 & Girl #2

The sad part about working with so many people is that you get to see first hand what may be holding them back…  but you can’t always say it, or wouldn’t want to be wrong and offend them. One of the BIGGEST hurdles I see in people’s business are EXCUSES.  Usually about time, people, space, […]