Book It for Homeschoolers!

Thanks to my sweet friends Melissa & Robbin, I found out that the same Book It Reading program I grew up doing in public school is also available to homeschoolers!!!

WHO KNEW??!!! 

  What better way to motivate and inspire an elementary child to read than to bribe them with a free pizza??!!!


Anyway, I’m sharing this because it’s an awesome deal, and it’s super easy to sign up!!!  I signed up TODAY!!!  (it’s while supplies last)



Just go to here to sign up and then they’ll mail out your awesome kit!

I use aBeka and so his reading is very challenging!  This is the PERFECT RESOURCE to motivate him and keep him excited!  He always LOVES getting his free pizza!

And I LOVE it when he asks “Can I go ahead and read the next few pages to get ahead?” !!  Before, it was “do I have to finish this story tonight??”  LOL

Who doesn’t LOVE a good (FREE) incentive every now & again!  

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