Book it for homeschoolers!!! Who knew?!

Thanks to my sweet friend Melissa, I found out that the same Book It Reading program I grew up doing in public school was also available to homeschoolers!!!

AH!!  What better way to motivate and inspire an elementary child to read than to bribe them with a free pizza??!!!

Anyway, I’m sharing this because it’s an awesome deal, and it’s super easy to sign up!!!  We just got ours in the mail yesterday!


Just go to here to sign up and then they’ll mail out your awesome kit!

Luke’s in second grade with aBeka and so his reading is very challenging!  This is the PERFECT RESOURCE to motivate him and keep him excited!  I plan to reward him when he finishes his current reader this month!

Funny thing is that it’s ALREADY working… cause he is asking me if he can “go ahead and read the next few pages to get ahead” !!  Before, it was “do I have to finish this story tonight??”  LOL

Who doesn’t LOVE a good incentive every now & again!  

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