accepting the 2016 Alice Kalilimoku Shining Star Award🌟

It’s been just 8 days, but I still get a lump in my throat, butterflies in my tummy, and TEARS in my eyes over what happened.  
I’ve always said that the Shining Star was Scentsy’s highest & most prestigious award, but now that description seems so pious!   I cannot tell you the emotions I felt just to be nominated!  It was like a dream.  I couldn’t BELIEVE that my peers, downline, or customers would write letters to Corporate about me.  But that’s exactly what they did.   And I stood with 4 INCREDIBLE girls on Tuesday night as finalists for this great Shining Star award.  

….not just ANY 4 girls.  SUPER HERO SCENTSY GIRLS.  The beautiful, talented, spirited, HEROS that I’ve always admired in this business.  And someone out there in Scentsy-Land thought I deserved to be on stage with them!  CRAZY!  

SS finalist pic PRO

But that was JUST the beginning of the unexpected, the awesome, and the UNBELIEVABLE!   As you will see in the video below (compliments of my buddy Barbie Bontrager, who happened to be sitting beside me with her iPhone videoing everything) on Thursday night as they called my name for the recipient of the 🌟2016 Alice Kalilimoku Shining Star Award🌟 WHAT AN HONOR!  

I haven’t really processed it all yet, and maybe I never really will.  But I know I wasn’t up on that stage alone!  Maybe physically I was.  But every single person who’s inspired & encouraged me along the way was up there with me.  My team & group of directors were there.  The people who’ve helped me be brave, courageous, and passionate in my Scentsy journey were on that stage with me.  

Without THEM, I’d be nothing.  It’s those people that deserve an award.  

They cheered me on by believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.  

💜Thank you to each person who’s supported & believed in me along this journey!💜
Here’s the video of that night:


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